WAITING SHEDS | Mutual Assistance | The First Lucban Assembly

 16 May
 PSP Studio
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 Discussion Lab
Mutual Assistance Antariksa Saturday | May 16, 2015 2:00 - 4:00 PM PSP Studio* Taking place on the occasion of the First Lucban Assembly, Waiting Sheds Cooperative Study Program presents "Mutual Assistance," a conversation with Antariksa, founding member of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center. About the conversation My proposed subject will deal with art collectivism and organisational practices in Indonesia and its relations with community. In doing so I will revisit the idea of self-govern community and mutual assistance, explore my experience with KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, and contextualise it in the history of art, collectivism and changing political order in post-colonial Indonesia. *The lecture will be delivered online and broadcasted in PSP Studio. Follow updates here: 1. https://www.facebook.com/thelucbanassembly 2. https://www.facebook.com/disclab For more information, please contact projectspacepilipinas@gmail.com ____ About the First Lucban Assembly Organized by artists-run Project Space Pilipinas (PSP) and curated by DiscLab | Research and Criticism, the First Lucban Assembly titled PAMUMUHUNAN (Waiting for a capital) gathers networks and individuals in a town in rural Southern Luzon to position how communal practices are translated into strategies geared towards artistic and other creative production. Working with more than 70 local and international artists, academics, scholars, cultural organizers and other producers in the arts sector, along with town locals, the First Lucban Assembly operates in multiple folds to produce a discursive, educational, and research-oriented contemporary arts festival. The First Lucban Assembly is from 11 May - 11 June 2015. DiscLab’s Waiting Sheds is an itinerant, cooperative studies program and practice-based research immersion that relocates the encounter of theories, facilitation of discourses, and transposition of knowledges at the intersection of state, market, alternative and non-public infrastructures. It acts as a non-formal, continuing education program where participants can continue and/or initiate artistic and research projects away from unnecessary pressure of competition, performance, legitimation, validation, and other signs of active production. Waiting Sheds Cooperative Study Program is from 11 May - 27 June 2015.

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