WA Strongman Log Championship and June Qualifier

 06 June
 Coventry Village
 243 -253 Walter Road - 6062 - Morley - Australia
 WA Strongman
WA Strongman is back at Coventry Village in the first week of June! This is not only a qualifier event for WA's Strongest Man and Woman 2015, but also a part of the strongman log championships that are being held across Australia. Competitors will have the choice of competing only in the log championship or competing in the whole qualifier. There will be three weight divisions (Womens, Under 105 and Over 105). This may be subject to change depending on competitor numbers. To register, please get in contact with either Dan or Pearl in person or email us at strongmanwa@gmail.com. Cost of entry is $60 Weights for the U90's division are tentative a dependent on total entries. The events are as follows: 1. Max log press (rising bar format) 2. Yoke (20m) - Womens: 165kg - U90: 260kg - U105: 275kg - Over 105kg: 350kg 3. Axle deadlift for reps - Womens: 135kg - U90: 220kg - U105: 245kg - Over 105kg: 275kg 4. Farmers walk (40m - first 20m using the first listed weight, the second 20m using the second listed weight) - Womens: 50kg and 65kg - U90: 100kg and 115kg - U105: 110kg and 125kg - Over 105kg: 125kg and 145kg 5. Loading medley - Implements TBD ***COMPETITORS*** OVER 105KG - Rongo Keene - Scott Lockyer - Jay Connolly - Richard Cooke - Jack Opferkuch - Mick Fingleton UNDER 105KG - James Plumb (logpress only) - Solomon Pender - Kelvin Hall - H Quinten Tamaki - Keith Lightbody UNDER 90KG (tentative) - Jason Williams - Pat Hardie WOMENS -Katheren Becker -Charlotte Fouche'

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