VVHILE (Belgrade) // SLUFF (Vienna)

 16 May
 Bachgasse 21 - 1160 - Vienna - Austria
 Numavi Records
VVhile (Belgrade) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnEARelQHrk "What can one get when you join guitar, effects, pedals, drums, two vocals, noise, drones and pop melody? The honest and only true answer would be – nobody knows! These moments of uncertainty are what makes VVhile so distinct. Andrija and Stevan are “veterans” who played in many bands with DIY reputation, but this journey that they are taking now with VVhile can take them into completely other world. This journey of theirs can be described as a distance “from No Age to No Fun” but also a distance “from Ragged Glory to Teenage Riot”. Everything is possible and depends on an angle of a listener. Vhile present their debut “MORE”. It is available on DIRT CULT RECORDS (US), Twintoe Records(GER), Numavi Records (AT), Pop Depression // Pop Depresija (SER) and Jazz Chairs (SER). Vinyl orders also possible via bandcamp. https://vvvhile.bandcamp.com/album/wrong-face-wrong-palm-ep Sluff (Vienna) Glasklar verwaschen spülen sich die Füße unterm Boden weg. Die Formation Sluff ist angetreten um abzutreten afterparty numavi dj team + dj kaktus ------------------------------------------------------------- /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Eintritt: €8,- Spaß mit uns: für Lau //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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