Voting Yes for Marriage Equality

 22 May
  - - -
 Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)
May 22nd will be our opportunity to vote for Marriage equality in the referendum to be held on that day. We might be critical of the institution of marriage but we certainly feel that LGBT people should have exactly the same partnership and shared custody rights as heterosexuals including the right to civil marriage. The referendum will also provide another opportunity to defeat the bigots who imposed their morality on the people of Ireland for so long. We see the expansion of civil marriage to include same-sex couples as ultimately insufficient as a goal for the queer or anarchist movements. We recognise the historical origins of marriage in patriarchy and sexual repression. Moreover we see the existence of an institutionalised normative form of relationship as inherently exclusionary to those whose sexuality doesn’t fit with that standard, and instead call for a society which is inclusive of all forms of free and consensual sexual expression.

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