Vote yes to keep Jack Douglas as President

 19 May
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 Jack Douglas
So in a weeks time you will be able to vote on whether you wish for me to continue as President of SAUWS or not. But before I go on, recently there was a decision made at SAUWS; that was if no alternative was found then it will have to propose a closure of its bars, shops and cafes. That decision was not made by me as an individual; instead it was made by the SAUWS board as a whole after warnings of bankruptcy. I don't want to see either happen at our Student Association. So because of this situation, as President, I am spending every second trying to find an alternative that works so we don’t see an outright closure of commercial services or bankruptcy. So a Yes vote to keep me will mean keeping a President who is focused on working with others in making sure an alternative can be found. As President I am proud to work for the students at UWS and want to keep on going. So far this year I have; Brought the issue of the lack of financial summer support all the way up to the top at the Scottish Parliament. I created a new SAUWS constitution to better represent you. I worked with the University to give students the control of a 12 million pound budget to be invested into ICT. And I shaped policy to allow students in extreme hardship to stay in University accommodation for free. If you vote yes to keep me as President I’ll keep that momentum going and continue to use every second to look for an alternative from closure and bankruptcy, I'll continue our campaign on tackling housing issues, lobby the Scottish Government to secure summer support and continue to improve ICT at UWS. I'm proud of what we have done and want to do so much more so please vote yes to keep Jack Douglas as SAUWS President.

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