Voices For Change Jamaica -- CALL TO ACTION! -- Half Way Tree, Jamaica WI

 23 May
 Half Way Tree, Jamaica
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 ExotiqueLychee EL
This march is being facilitated by "Voices For Change Jamaica" and it's supporters. We are marching to let the world know that sexual abuse and other inhumane acts of violence has got to stop! Our march is just the beginning, we are dedicated to condemning sexual abuse and other inhumane acts of violence. We are seeking resources in getting the victims and their families the help they need. It's not going to be easy, that we know. However, change begins with action and we are super charged and ready for the first step. With your support, these senseless acts of violence will be eradicated and our children will be safe. They are "silenced" for various reasons and we owe it to them to speak out. So join us on May 23rd, 2015 -- in Half Way Tree and be the change you seek. It's one thing to make a bag o' noise, it's another thing to commit to the cause and make a conscious effort to evoke change. Sincerely, Exotique Lychee -- President: Voices For Change Jamaica.

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