VitalDanza met Silvia Sedoc; Experience the Gift and Joy of the Dancer in You.

 25 May
 Power Yoga Groningen
 Studio Hofstraat 11-11 - 9712 JA - Groningen - Netherlands
 Margriet Les
In deze workshop zal je uitgenodigd worden om in contact te komen met de danser in jou. Tevens zal de danser in de ander, de muziek en de prachtige oefeningen je uitnodigen om te genieten van wat er is in het moment. Ben je bereid om deze uitdaging aan te gaan. Wees Welkom. Dit is de tweede workshop die dag Hieraan vooraf gaat een workshop voor alleen vrouwen celebrating the wisdom en beauty of the goddess in you. This Vital Danza event is to celebrate the dancer within you. The use of inspiring music from around the world, a supportive group and positive intention creates a powerful experience of “waking up” to the best version of ourselves. VitalDanza is a technique which takes us on a journey from fun, upbeat dances at the start into a more relaxed and often profound meditations and dances as the class progresses. Each class has a particular theme to encourage the expression and poetry of our human nature and expression. The class welcomes everyone while our sensing nature is honoured our capacity for fun will be nurtured through natural movement and the compassion within all of us. SILVIA SEDOC (1953), was born in Surinam in the district Coronie. She is a holistic therapist and yoga-teacher. She has been associated for 15 years with the Craniocraal Education from Etienne Peirsman. In 2007 she finished her BioDanza education in Amsterdam with Patricia Martello. During this education she did the training of the Minotaurus Project. In 2009 she finished the Spiritual deepening education of VitalDanza. Since a long time Silvia is concerned with the School for BioDanza World Association BWA, BioDanza® – Dances of Vital Development®. By dancing with yourself, allowing your emotions and feelings, within a meeting with the yourself, the other and what surrounds you a healing force can enter. Central theme is getting back to your origin, to return to what you really are, to experience your true self, your inner healer, your power, wisdom and love. YogaPlazaGroningen – Hofstraat 11-11 – Groningen – (Walk through the portal and you will find it on the small square on the left.) Bijdrage: 12 euro We dansen zonder schoenen en draag makkelijk zittende kleding

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