Village Library of Morgantown

 21 May
 Morgantown, PA, United States
  - 19543 - -
 College Planning Center
Parents and students are invited to join the College Planning Center for a free College Planning Workshop at Village Library of Morgantown. This College Financial Planning Workshop picks up where typical financial aid nights leave off. The College Planning Center can help you understand how to file for financial aid, how schools calculate student aid packages, and how your family’s assets will be factored in to your family’s Estimated Family Contribution. This free College Planning Workshop will help you understand the rising cost of college and explain the admissions and financial aid processes so you can be better-informed and better-prepared. Reasons Parents Attend Our Workshops: They are worried that they won’t have enough money to send their children to the college of their dreams. They think the current state of the economy will have a major, negative impact on the amount of financial aid available. They simply don’t know how to get all of their children through college without going broke. At This Workshop You Will Learn: How to avoid common mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars in lost financial aid How to maximize your financial aid eligibility by recognizing the assets that will count against you How tax accounting and other financial strategies can have a negative impact on your financial aid packages How to steer clear of scholarship scams How to avoid the typical 5-6 year graduation rate How you could pay less for elite private colleges than state universities How procrastination until your student’s junior year of High School could cost you thousands. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO PAY TOO MUCH FOR COLLEGE.

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