Village Council of All Beings

 31 May
 Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086
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 Wild Dahlia Homestead
We open up the space of the homestead sanctuary to the local community every other month and join together around a sacred fire. The intention of this gathering is simple – to create space to facilitate conversation, awareness, and understanding between each of us as community members. When we expand our own consciousness to include the experiences of others, great peace and healing can occur. We believe that this simple act of gathering together will inspire cohesion among the many voices creating positive change in our local community. We do ask that everyone involved come with an open heart, an open mind, and a positive intention. We are seeking individuals who feel called to represent the many different aspects of our local community, as well as our larger Earth community. This includes but is not limited to representatives of the plants, the waters, the animals, and of course the humans. In the human realm we encourage those who may have a unique experience in the realm of ethnicity, sexuality, spirituality, creativity, etc. to please feel very welcome to participate and be heard in this group. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive space where each member of this great Earth community can be heard. Diversity will greatly enhance the experience! We use a talking stick format so that everyone has an opportunity to share and offer a thematic question to begin the circle. Please feel free to bring food and drinks (of the Earth!) to share. We will join together for a casual potluck before holding an intentional space around the wisdom of the fire. The ideas of writer and activist, Joanna Macy, have been an inspiration to the forming of this council and her “personal guidelines for the great turning” may offer a good introduction to the essence we hope to capture around the fire. We look forward to joining you all in co-creation and compassion!

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