Vienna Brazilian Festival: CASA DE BAMBA

 05 June
 Willergasse 55, 1230 Wien-Liesing - Schulverein Institut Sta. Christiana Schule
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 Centro Cultural Senzala Vienna - Lúcio Lopes
We are glad to invite you to our first event: "Vienna Brazilian Festival: CASA DE BAMBA" For those who appreciate the fundaments of the Capoeira, we are bringing to Vienna great Capoeira "Mestres and Contra-Mestres" to teach you all about technique, history, musicality and all the amazing things related to the fascinating world of the Capoeira!!! For those who enjoy the Dance Culture from Brazil - Samba, Forró, Funk, etc – our instructors will make you have fun and learn a lot about the Brazilian rhythms! Our high quality workshops are a real energy bomb! Don’t matter which capoeira group you belong, don’t matter which dance style you like, you are welcome in our "Casa de Bamba"!!! So, come and enjoy the Brazilian energy, make new friends and learn something new from great instructors!!! CAPOEIRA WORKSHOPS BY Mestre Sorriso (France / Brazil) Mestre Chiquinho (Hungary / Brazil) Mestre Pulmão (Serbia / Brazil) Contra-Mestre Kapacete (Austria / Brazil) Contra-Mestre Lobisomem (Montenegro / Brazil) SPECIAL GUESTS: Prof. Zangao (Austria / Brazil) Prof. Sabiá (Germany / Brazil) DANCE WORKSHOPS BY Bianca Barroso (Brazil) Giedre Altenstrasser / Forró Vienna (Austria) Lúcio Lopes (Austria / Brazil) PRICES (Breakfast Saturday and Sunday include) CAPOEIRA: 3 DAYS: 80 EUR (T-Shirt include) 2 DAYS: 70 EUR 1 DAY: 40 EUR ONLY DANCE WORKSHOPS: 3 DAYS: 40 EUR 2 DAYS: 30 EUR 1 DAY: 20 EUR DAY DANCE WORKSHOP FREE OF CHARGES IF YOU ARE INSCRIBED IN A CAPOEIRA WORKSHOP!!! T-Shirt: 10 EUR REGISTRATION FORM:] Program Schedules and Location coming soon Grupo Senzala Vienna - Lúcio Lopes Tel.: +43 6605121878 Facebook Page:]]

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