Victorian High Country Cook Off...

 30 May
  - - -
 Tim Bates
We all love to cook up amazing meals in the camp oven when we head out camping. I do see and taste some pretty good meals that people invent from a few ingredients and whip them up in the camp oven. This is a competition cook up weekend. Its going to be an annual event with prizes handed out to the winner of each category, being - Adult main meal and best kids main meal. Yep get the kids involved and see what they can cook up. Parents can assist in helping the kids if they need it. A special guest family will be attending to judge the cook ups, and its a way for everyone to taste test what others cook up. A camera man will be attending the event and filming all those creations and you guys making them :-) The only condition with this weekend is, dinner and dessert for the Saturday night MUST be made in a camp oven or on the open camp fires that we will have going. All meals MUST be prepared on site, NO preparing of meals before you leave home. Everyone who is coming MUST be cooking. Even if you haven't done a great deal of camp oven cooking. Come along and have a go, plus get some great tips from other people. Everyone needs to be at camp by no later than mid day on the Saturday, giving you plenty of time to prepare your meals. A few of us will be going up a few days before to get a heap of wood cut, and the camp fires will be ready for cooking by the time comes on Saturday arvo. No limits on people attending, but remember if you are coming you must be cooking :-) The location for this event will be kept quiet for the moment. So if you want to come along, if you allow for an area about 2hrs from Mansfield. I will post the location details in the week leading up to the trip. The location is at high elevation, so i strongly recommend that all diesel vehicles add anti freeze to your fuel before leaving Mansfield... I will be doing this for sure. The Mansfield BP servo will have Alpine Diesel at the pump by then. Fill up with plenty of it or add a bottle of anti freeze from the servo.

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