14 June
 via Cao del Prà, 82, 37060
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 Club il Giardino Lugagnano
Per la prima volta in italia la prog band Blank Manuskript da Salisburgo, il loro sound prende origine dal periodo psicadelico dei pink Floyd e dal prog sinfonico di Canterbury. In apertura la band veronese Real Illusion per presentare il primo lavoro. Blank Manuskript: Blank Manuskript is an ArtRock project from Salzburg by Dominik Wallner and Alfons Wohlmuth. The arrangements are carefully structured with complex rhythmical patterns and a sound-scape that would partly remind of the analogue vintage-sound of bands like Pink Floyd or Camel. The typically long songs are ornamented with a high level of symphonically density and elaborate polyphonic vocal-parts. The lyrical elements are picturesque while still with a worked out mystic touch, and usually tell arcane stories, which are carried on through the music.

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