VERNISSAGE / APEIRON/NOUS / Joel Danielsson & Louise Öhman / Detroit Stockholm

 21 May
 Detroit Stockholm
 21 Roslagsgatan - 113 55 - Stockholm - Sweden
 Louise Öhman
APEIRON/NOUS Apeiron, Greek: άπειρων ‘unlimited’, ‘infinite’, ‘indefinite’ Nous, Greek: νοῦς or νόος ‘mind’, ‘reason’, ‘logos’ The exhibition is working around the concept of ‘metaxu’. The metaxu is defined as the middle ground or the in-between and acts as the mediator of the temporal and the infinite. The room is a transient field, a landscape in putrefaction in the torment of the metals. Where the ever changing structures explores the relation of materials and conjunction of the opposites and that who wants to transcend and move over the line. In the physical experience of the metaphysical there is a question of what tactility means for the symbolic perception of this meeting. In our artistic research there is a dialogue through the meeting of that what is separated. In the expanded field and installation meets objects, visual image and sound, the carnal and that who wants to transcend the form, structure and logos. The tension of the opposites generates an interspace where the objects dwell in silence. The installation is there as a spatial symbol, an instrument for perception by the act of throwing together which point to new understandings of this interspace. The symbol is by this at the critical point where language ends. At the shore of the transfinite, ever undulating, the matter becomes an articulation of the wordless, the moan, sigh, ecstasy. Joel Danielsson and Louise Öhman are bachelor students at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design. May 21th - 26th Gallery Detroit Stockholm Vernissage on the 21th between 18 - 22. Other days open from 12 - 17. Bring cash for the bar.

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