VELVOIR, ICENI, Martini Russa

 22 May
 Central Gateshead
 Half Moon Lane - NE8 2AN - Gateshead - United Kingdom
 Anastasia Gorbunova
Velvoir…. A four-piece original Rock Band, hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne. As a band they have carefully cultivated their own sound. Their sonic signature, although rooted firmly in rock, effortlessly blends the gritty honesty of blues, the cerebral expansion of 60’s psychedelia, the rhythmic ‘mojo’ of funk, the audacious harmonies of jazz and the brutal intensity of punk. Velvoir are embarking on an erotic conquest to titillate the neutered, to provide a convulsing sexual exorcism and sensory onslaught. Iceni are Newcastle-based purveyors of disco-infused power pop; a trio who run almost entirely on good vibrations, keyboard riffs and cups of tea. A trilogy of bass, drums and keys, their sound is at once mighty and small. With a deliciously disorienting vocal mix; one minute you feel compelled to walk into the ocean and command the waves and the next, to finish your sandcastle, buy a 99 and all the while the beach bar disco is getting closer... Epic & Bold,Complex & Compelling pop. Martini Russa is at first glance an unlikely match between a Brazilian-Spanish guitarist Martini and a Russian-American songwriter and vocalist Anastasia Gorbunova. They met in Barcelona and now live in Oxford where they host an open acoustic jam at Jude the Obscure in Jericho every Thursday. The duo plays catchy originals mixed with selections of soulful blues standards from various decades of the 20th century.

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