Veghel, Holland 44 "A Bridge Too Far"

 17 May
 Sim-Tac Airsoft
 Gibstown, Meath, Ireland - - -
 Jonathan Leonard
Scenario This scenario is constructed around the battle for the strategic town of Veghel and its bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal in September, 1944 during Operation Market Garden. A major component of this battle is paratroop operations/assembly and a German counterattack. This scenario involves the assembly of an Airborne landing force during Operation Market Garden and the drive to secure a bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal to enable XXX Corps advance towards the Rhine City of Arnhem. Allied forces will be dropped in the vicinity of the town of Eindhoven and will be required to seize and hold the canal bridge at Veghel before driving towards the town itself. Axis forces are laagered in Veghel prior to the launch of a counterattack by Kampffgruppe Chill towards Eindhoven with the intention of preventing the resupply of Allied Airborne Forces. Details • Date: Sunday 17th May 2015. • Cost: €40, 6 hours Battlesim Gaming, Battle Simulation & Game Patch, • Timings: o Sign in and chrono from 0900 on Sunday. o Sign in will close at: 1000. o Game briefing: 1000. o Game start: 1100. o Endex: 17.00 US Units: US 101st/82 AB Division. British 1st Airborne Division. 30th Corp Allied Forces German Units: 6th FJ Regiment. Wehrmacht 116th ‘Windhund’ Division/Mech. Infantry. II SS Pz. Korps (SS ‘Hohenstaufen’ & ‘Frundsberg’ Divisions). Allied Dispositions: 1. Allied Forces will face a simulated paradrop in the vicinity of the Landing Ground 2. Allied Forces will be required to assemble without being captured and to locate their drop containers (Allies will have limited ammo to this point). 3. Allied Forces will then be required to assemble at their assembly area prior to commencing operations, Allied Force will need to locate their Ammunition in their Jump Area, Till then they will only have one Magazine for their Rifle and Sidearm German Disposition: 1. German Forces will be deployed in and around the town of Veghel 2. German Forces will be deployed along the Front Line Ammunition Limits It is intended to simulate supply problems as experienced during the battle. Therefore both sides will have ammunition loadout limits as follows: Assault Rifles/SMG – 300 Rounds Max. Support Weapons/MG – 1000 Rounds Max. Rolling spawns will apply for attackers (Either Side - to be indicated by Marshals). Hit Rules 1st Hit Medic 2nd Hit Medic 3rd Hit Respawn Medic/Prisoner Rules The usual Medic Rules will apply along with The Clock System Reapawn Prisoners may be mediced/captured and searched for Intel as usual. They will be held for 10 mins and MUST return to their BASE area. Safe Area A safe area will be provided. General Gameplay This scenario is designed to give players the experience of assaulting/defending the strategic objective of Veghel, Holland,1944. Mined Areas Mined Areas will be designated by Axis Forces and will be required to be cleared by Engineers. These areas may ONLY be traversed by Engineers when located and will require the disarming of a number of mines before they may be declared safe and entered by Allied forces. Artillery/Flares Veghel Canal The Canal which will be clearly marked out on the day is can only be crossed at two Points, This will be Given in the Group Briefings Vehicle Hit System We will have a new Laser Vehicle hit system, These New Hit System will be in the hands of the German Tank Hunter Teams, and will be able to destroy Allied Vehicles Restrictions • All players are expected to have read and understood the game rules (Will Post Closer to the date • Age limit – Over 11s • Mid-caps only • Players must wear the uniform appropriate to their faction. • Pre-registration is required. You will not be able to turn up on the day! Booking & Payment Booking Opens Monday Monday 2nd March @ 7pm.. You can Book your Place with Jonathan on 086-4118610 or (PayPal), This Will be on a First Com first Bases…… Tickets are Prices @ €40 (if Paying Via PayPal You'll need to pay their Fees, its €1.75 per €40 sent) ******Tickets Go on Sale Monday 4th May 2015*****

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