Vantel Pearls and Erin Kate McDaniel Join To Ease The Burden of Cancer

 23 May
 1918 E. 21st St. Casper, WY
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 Melodie Good - Vantel Pearls Independent Demonstrator
Christine Hermann was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. She is making week long trips to Denver once a month for treatment. This is not only draining on her physically and emotionally, but financially as well. Her friends have partnered with Melodie Good - Vantel Pearls Independent Demonstrator to help ease the financial burden. There is no better gem to represent the fight Christine is fighting than the pearl. A pearl is formed when an irritant is present in the oyster's body. The oyster protects itself by forming layer upon layer of nacre on top of the irritant. The result of the oyster's fight is a beautiful pearl. We can't fight this irritant in Christine's body, but we can ease the financial burden. I have no doubt Christine will fight this irritant and create her own pearl.

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