Vannes - Falmouth // Sailing through the English Channel

 18 May
 Vannes, France
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Last minute discount!!! Now for only €450!!! After the festival La Semain du Golf, we will set sail across the English Channel. Possible stop overs are some beautiful anchorages on the French coast and the Channel Islands. Depending on wind you will pass Brest and Chanel du Four in the first day and half out. If the wind is favorable you will be able to catch the tide and side it for over 10 hours. Past Chanel du Four there are some spectacular anchorages on Isle de Brehad. An island on the North West coast of France. The Channel Islands are just a days sail away. Closer to Falmouth we can visit Helfort River or anchor at Saint Mawes. Cornwall is a beautiful part of England. The sub tropical climate, product of the warm gulf stream passing by on the Atlantic side of England, makes for bright green hills and colorful cliffs. With herds of cows and sheep grazing on the sloop side of the cliffs it gives you a true holiday feeling. The voyage will end in Falmouth. On the waterfront you will find many bars and pubs for a last night out on the town. More information? Read more on our website

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