Van Horne Variety - LIVE

 15 May
 Nomad Nation
 129 Van Horne - H2T 2J2 - Montreal - Canada
 Kelly Kay
(insert pleasant greeting here to make everyone feel reeeaaaal (un)comfortable right off the bat) Nomad Nation PRESENTS: From the people who brought you A NIGHT OF COMEDY comes a brand new night of live streamed debauchery/entertainment - VAN HORNE VARIETY. That's right - it's a variety show taking place at the LEGENDARY NOMAD NATION. Not just comedy, not just music, but, like, a bunch of stuff by people you've long liked/admired/hate creeped on Facebook/lusted after/just wished you could have a conversation without leaving and being like "omg, I'm suuuuuch an idiot. who even says that?!" All those people, plus some dashing new faces, will be there performing mind blowing odds n ends for your viewing pleasure. LET US (tentatively) NAME DROP A FEW FOR YOU: -Performances by Travis Cannon Bobby Alirihc James Watts Jonas Arahkwente Gilbert Lisa Czech Kevin Shustack Mat Leavitt Emma Overton Emery Fine Chris Sandiford & Daniel Carin Kelly Kay Iain MacNeil Mitchell Cohen Mike Carrozza Joj Helfer David Lyle Peter Kuyek -Very visual video material by Rob Feulner Talia Lee & Marlee Macmillan Rick Trembles James & Tara -Celebrity appearances by Lauren Chastity Hillsworth Alana Ruth Mark Sauner Eric Bent Nick Williams Jesse Feig Alexis Cuthbert Devon Bate David Aitken -LIVE DANCEHALL ACTION FROM RaGA PoP that will reignite your love of dance and all things good in this world -MUSICAL GUEST: Maniks. Enough said. -MORE TO COME/you're tired of reading so we'll give you a break THIS EVENT IS PWYC/dress for the world to bow down before you because this night will be LIVE STREAMED for the entire universe to admire. Be there/be somebody.

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