Uta no Prince Sama Host Club ♪

 28 May
 Uta no Prince Sama MAJI LOVE Utopia
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 Kirina Hakuno
[Welcome to the Host Club] May 28th to June 16th 2015 Is there anyone you want to see particularly? Who is it? What kind of evening do you desire? Which Prince do you want to see? Is it the cool and charming? The over-powering? The sensitive one? Who? Because the choices are endless, and that day will go the way you choose! Hosts: ♦ STARISH ♥ Ittoki Otoya ♥ Ichinose Tokiya ♥ Jinguji Ren ♥ Hijirikawa Masato ♥ Shinomiya Natsuki ♥ Kurusu Syo ♥ Aijima Cecil ♣ Quartet Night ♥ Kotobuki Reiji ♥ Mikaze Ai ♠ HEAVENS ♥ Otori Eiichi ♥ Sumeragi Kira ♥ Mikado Nagi ► Special Guests ◄ [ Number One: Surprise] [ Number Two: Surprise] FORMAT: Name: Host: RP STARTER:

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