Usui Reiki Level I Class

 23 May
 Adirondack Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat
 6319 State Route 30 - 12945 - Lake Clear - United States
 Rivka Cilley
Reiki is a gentle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki’s roots are Japanese with the word “Rei” meaning “Universal Life” and “ki” meaning “Energy.” Dr Usui Mikao, the founder of the Reiki System of Healing, first experienced Reiki on the top of Mount Kurama and used his experience to bring healing to people in Japan, passing on his knowledge to his students. The joys of becoming trained in Reiki are all encompassing. Not only does Reiki give us the ability to heal ourselves and others, but by itself it is deeply meaningful. Reiki opens opportunities for growth. Reiki is a sacred practice that enhances our sense of aliveness, peace, love and compassion for ourselves, others and the earth. Pre-registration required. Cost: $100

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