Urgent! Funds needed to transport food aid from Holland to 100 dogs and 38 cats in Romania

 31 May
  - - -
 Asa Ceva
As many of you already know, rescuers in Romania struggle a lot to keep the rescued dogs safe and healthy and food is essential. A group from Holland offered to donate 1600 kilograms of food but we must help and raise funds for the transport of this food which costs around 544 E. It is definitely more food than 544 E can buy and will feed for a period 100 dogs and 38 cats. These three rescuers we want to help are Sandoiu Daniela who makes constant efforts and has 20 dogs and 2 cats, but she always helps others and goes to feed dogs in Public Shelter. Another rescuer is Florin Buturugeanu who has 40 dogs and 36 cats, and just as Daniela he always try to help others even if it's already hard enough for him. Florin informed us about an old lady in Buzau, who has more than 30 dogs and who manages hardly. She doesn't have internet and she rarely received any help that is why her dogs became skinny. She struggles with a low income and debts, but she had no way of asking for help and I wish this time we can help her! If you want to help, all the money will go for the transport and we will keep you informed and post photos. Money are to be donated in Miranda Moerkerken ' s paypal: mirju2@hotmail.com mention FOR TRANSPORT RO Miranda is a representative of the Organisation in Holland: It's urgent that Mrs. Elly receives food!

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