Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 (Perth , AUS)

 04 June
 Adina Apartment Hotel Perth
 33 Mounts Bay Road - 6000 - Perth - Australia
 Evolve Manual Therapy
CPD/CPE- 24 Hours Full Fee $990inc GST. Early Saver applies until 5 weeks prior to the commencement of the course. This four day course teaches students the concepts and fundamental skills of CranioSacral Therapy as developed by Osteopath Dr John Upledger. Course Outcomes Upon completion of this course, participants will have learned about the following: Gross-subtle and active-passive palpation techniques; The three rhythms; heart, breathing and CranioSacral, and how to identify the rhythms; Fascia as a whole body system and cross diaphragms; Techniques for release of the pelvic diaphragm, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic inlet and occipital base; Flexion and extension of the CranioSacral system and to identify; Still point induction including CV4; Direction of energy techniques; How to recognize and examine anatomy slides of skull and cranial sutures; The CranioSacral system as a semi-closed hydraulic system; Vertical and horizontal cranial membrane systems; Body resistance, elastic resistance, viscous-elastic characteristics of tissue; Unidirectional tractional force; Frontal and parietal lift; Sphenoid compression-decompression; Biaxial temporal mobilisation; Ear pull-bilateral temporal decompression; Membrane system slides; Dural tube evaluation, traction, treatment; TMJ and TMJ technique; A 10-step treatment protocol. Prerequisite: Professional healthcare practitioner, student in healthcare program or graduate awaiting license/accreditation with experience in manual therapy. Required Reading CranioSacral Therapy text book (chapters 1-6), by Dr John Upledger. Available for $70inc GST. Email mail@upledger.com.au or call 0411 488198 to order. Optional Reading Inner Physician and You by Dr John Upledger. Available for $20inc GST. Email mail@upledger.com.au or call 0411 488198 to order.

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