Unveil Your Soul - Yoga Retreat in Turkey

 23 May
 Cirali Beach
  - 07350 - Cıralı - Turkey
 David Yogi Folies
Unveil your Soul An inside quest toward the Real You Çiralı - South Turkey - May 23-30, 2015 During this week in the beautiful area in the southern part of Turkey, we will explore the whole range of yoga poses, highly inspired by Anusara and Vinyasa yoga styles, from standing posture to inversions, from arm balances to backbends, harmonized by breathing focuses sequences, meditation and Restorative sessions. In a safe & powerful practice, we will cultivate stamina, inner-strength and softness to develop self-confidence, open-mindedness and acceptance. Through the exploration of ancient wisdom, we will take further the quest of the “inner pearl” - our TRUE self. As you deepen the connection towards yourself, you relate to the deepest layers of your soul. This will increase the connection towards everyone around you, be they relatives, friends or members of the group. The Retreat will be led by the experienced yoga-teachers Veslemøy Thørud and David Rolland. Together they will guide you through a week of great yoga designed to make your retreat a deeper experience of physical renewal, heart connection and empowerment of the soul. See the flyers for all the details, or ask us directly Namasté

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