Unlucky Soldiers: Play Premiere

 24 May
 Downtown Cutural Arts Center
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 Maryland Tilghman Family Heritage
UNLUCKY SOLDIERS (Monday, April 20, 2015, Towson, MD) Playwright Robert Garcia announces his second play UNLUCKY SOLDIERS is scheduled to debut in Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday, May 24, 2015, at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center at 3:00 pm. UNLUCKY SOLDIERS revolves around the aftermath experiences of Richard, a Vietnam Veteran who’s 1967 military tour of duty adversely impacts his young adult life in the early 1970s. The dramatic play follows his life after he returns to America and the struggles he encounters dealing with his personal military demons that haunt him upon discharge. UNLUCKY SOLDIERS presents Karim Zelenka in the lead role as Richard in Vietnam era America, and introduces Timothy Lloyd Tilghman in the role of Joe Eddie (Richard’s Uncle, a Korean War Veteran). The supporting cast stars Callie & Pamela Covington as married couple David & Joy, Tanya Dajani as Mary Ann (Richard’s girlfriend), Jennifer Potts as Annie (a VA intern), Ian Smith as Mr. Braxton (a filling station operator who employs Richard), and Tavon Vinson as J.D. (a nefarious partner in crime from Richard’s childhood). UNLUCKY SOLDIERS is the second original play written and directed by Texan native Robert Garcia who resides in Baltimore County. Robert Garcia is a Vietnam Veteran who served this nation in the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) during 1967. Garcia graduated from Essex Community College in 1972, and also received degrees in social work and substance abuse counseling from Galveston Community College in the 1990s. Playwright Robert Garcia appeared as a guest on the Tuesday, April 21, 2015 program of Radio RockonTour broadcast at noon hosted by WLOY D.J. Timothy Tilghman. Robert discussed and promoted his new play during the second half of the two hour radio show. The Downtown Cultural Arts Center is located at 401 North Howard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Tickets to the premiere performance of UNLUCKY SOLDIERS by Robert Garcia are only $8. Curtain Call at 3:00 pm is recommended for adult audiences. Please contact the DCAC box office at 410-837-2787 for additional information. Robert Garcia may be reached via email: parabob@verizon.net # # #

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