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 Rachel Anastasi
UNLEASH YOUR SECRET POWER The secret is out... Rachel Anastasi’s 3 day personal and professional development retreat is undeniably a MUST DO! A weekend, unlike any other…Expect the unexpected! From power packed workshops to self discovery tours and practical applications! It’s an energising and richly rewarding ride! To be honest- the secret has been out for a long time- over 600 people have now attended one of Rachel's famous retreats. “Oh My God this is the BEST workshop I have EVER done (and believe me, I have done a few). I went way out of my comfort zone, broke through boundary conditions, made some lifelong friends and had an absolute ball. All I can say is DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Marilla Greenaugh RACHEL ANASTASI Australia's most charasmatic coach will show you how to Master your mindset and become a magnet for what you want: Anything you want for yourself and your life is available to you as a result of creating a mindset that serves, nurtures and supports you. YOU run patterns that you are not even aware of and until you become aware of those patterns and create new ones you will not get different results to those results that you are currently getting. •Are you sick of getting ‘up and down’ results across the different areas of your life? •Do you have days where you feel like creating your own business is more trouble than it is worth? •Would you like to create abundance and joy easily and effortlessly and have the life you would love to live? If you are a business owner who wants to be the biggest expression of yourself out there in the world, a business owner who wants to make a difference, a business owner who wants to have an amazing business, which seems to flow easily and effortlessly with heaps of raving fans…then this retreat is for YOU!! Unblock what it is that has been stopping you!!! You honestly would probably have no idea what it is that has been stopping you- you know WHY you want to make a difference in the world and you may even know some of the HOW- so if there is still something NQR (not quite right) then it must be an energetic thing right??- YES...seriously!! Your chakras, your masculine and feminine imprinting and the alignment of all of that energy plays a huge part!!! Are you giving your power away or are you standing in your complete power- attracting people to you and your cause like moths to a flame? what about your wealth?? wealth is health, money, happiness- the physical manifestations of your emotional and spirtiual wellbeing!! what situation are you in in these areas? if the outlook is bleak then start NOW- create change by taking charge! Your body holds cellular memory and your tissue and DNA is literally hoarding negativity and suppressed emotional stuff from the past!! I will not only shift it but show you how to read faces and bodies to assist others to bring awarenbess to what their body is communicating with them. Of course-Mindset is the most important ingredient for having what you want in your life. Your focus and thoughts create your actions and your actions create your results. We will delve into what makes you tick: what potentially drives you forward and what holds you back. We will release constraints from the past and create new strategies for being totally responsible for your life, so you can have anything you want! And business- well people of all levels of business have benefited hugely from these retreats!! If you are a start up or if you are already successfully running a business this will propel you forward massively! public speaking- seriously- from shy to kickarse public speaking owning the stage rockstar in three days!! marketing- get clients NOW the power of amazing packages- how to package up your message tap into your purpose and create a movement- like woodstock!! bigger than woodstock!! lead generation communication- the power of lanuguage everything that a small business needs- in the one place I gained so much on the weekend on so many levels. The learning was brilliant and the delivery was real and authentic and so natural. The warmth of the facilitators put us all at ease and in a great space for soaking up the learning. Unleash Your Secret Power is a must do, it has all the nutrients to nourish you. Lesley McMillan This is the most positive, uplifting, inspiring, transformative weekend have ever attended. I leave much more complete, whole and empowered than when I arrived. My belief in myself now ROCKS. Thanks for EVERYTHING. Sherryn Bowers •let go of your constraints from the past •create a compelling future plan for yourself to achieve your goals •maintain your mindset when you hit a ‘bump in the road’ on your journey •create your best life and outstanding business ENGAGE with your true purpose and learn how to live congruently REDISCOVER the secret to having what you want and loving your life REINVENT yourself, your life, your career CREATE an abundance mindset to attract wealth EXPLORE the ‘doing’ of powerfully having what you want in your life ATTRACT the results you want by being the authentic YOU! Unleash Your Secret Power is all of this and so much more…. Pilates, Yoga, Didgeridoo Meditation, Team Building, Business Implementation Extremely yummy food, Psychosomatic basics and so much more THE VALUE OF THIS WORKSHOP IS ENDLESS!! Investment: $1247 per person- includes all meals and two nights accomodation places are limited to 14 participants Rachel’s background Rachel had a background in customer service, sales, travel and management before she kick started her own businesses. By the age of 21 Rachel had a successful full time coaching practise and now ten years later, she owns three businesses. Having worked effectively with people of all ages and of all walks of life, Rachel has an understanding of human patterns and behaviour that assist her to create transformational results for her clients. Her expertise is as a personal coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker. Rachel loves empowering others and making a difference. Success Stories My experience of Rachel’s coaching was one of dedicated professionalism. Rachel from the outset impressed herself on me as a person who displays maturity in the matters of human nature that defy her years and a superior perception of underlying issues. Repeatedly, Rachel was able through conversation and enquiry to uncover the “fundamental” reason for a block in performance despite it often being clouded by very convincing side issues. Inevitably, these conversations always led to a breakthrough for me, which I found personally very rewarding. The work done with Rachel has left me with distinctions, understanding, and skills that I can now call my own and produce continued results independently; in relationships (personal and business), finance, professionally and publicly. This is only a small indication of Rachel’s great capacity to assist others in producing results for themselves and I have no hesitation in recommending her abilities.’ Rad Domlija Senior Hospital Specialist Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd I have received coaching from Rachel for approximately 6 months on an “as needs” basis. In that period of time, I am happily re-united and living back with my wife after an 18 month separation. In addition, I have rediscovered my areas of passion, am aware of many of the blocks that I create for myself and I have resigned from a job that wasn’t satisfying my needs and now have my own Consultancy practice running with 6 months of work in backlog. Rachel is a highly intuitive straight shooter who knows when to cut to the chase. I highly recommend her coaching services. Neil Moody Director Moods Consulting Before starting my sessions with Rachel I was continually unhappy with a majority of aspects in my life, I had resigned myself to thinking that this is how my life would be forever and I couldn't see past the self created pit that I was sitting in. I had put myself in a place where by being unhappy actually felt comfortable. After six sessions with Rachel I have acquired the life tools to reach my personal goals and conduct my life in a manner which I create, resulting in a fulfilling sense of ongoing happiness and inner peace. I have acquired the skills to write my own destiny, which in itself is very empowering, resulting in a yet again a higher level of happiness. Bianca Flight Attendant ‘Rachel’s coaching created profound transformation for me on so many levels. She spotted some old patterns and strategies right away that I was running on a deeply unconscious level. Uncovering those patterns was a victory beyond measure. This led to changes in behaviours through new awareness that better serve me in what I am creating in my life. Her depth of insight and mature, natural wisdom combined with a genuine caring attitude and curiosity make the sessions fun and interesting, while creating powerful change at the same time.’ Laeni Baillie CEO Integrated Coaching Solutions ‘You are bloody top banana. You left me feeling truly sparked! You are so true in what you say and you present things in such a simple manner that I can really easily get my head around. I have loved my mentoring sessions with you, and honestly this is where I have seemed to really move forward as a coach. You have allowed me to explore and experiment with my coaching through listening to your feedback. Wow its just so powerful. You are such an upbeat, intelligent and bubbly person. I just warm to you instantly. Thanks for just being BLOODY AWESOME you are definitely a role model.’ Sam Mutimer Think Tank Media "Working with Rachel is absolutely life changing! Such an incredible experience on so many levels & definitely hands down the most amazing course i have ever done and that's saying something as I have done so many!! The work has been rich, full and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to find their purpose and live a more fulfilled life. Thankyou Rachel!!" - Deborah Cudd, Counsellor, SYDNEY "Oh my goodness, I cannot believe the skills and products and value that has been literally jampacked into Rachel’s workshop! My overall opinion is that this is the most worthwhile thing I have done for myself and my business EVER!! I can highly recommend and strongly urge anyone at any stage of their business to attend one of Rachel’s workshops. Be prepared for some amazing insights into yourself and to leave with the most amazing sense of belief in yourself! MOST VALUABLE WORKSHP EVER!!! I love you Rachel" -Chrissy Gallagher, Project Manager Government Agency, MELBOURNE "Rachel’s workshop is the best thing that I have ever done apart from get married and have kids." - Wayne Hepburn, CEO Procon Constructions, MELBOURNE "Rachel’s workshop is an amazing experience. So many ideas, breakthroughs and fun experiences that were shared. Gets you from where you are now to where you want to be. There is no escaping. It’s your time now. Do it, you will thank yourself, I promise you!!" -Leanne, CEO WINONA Club, BRISBANE

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