UNiTE - Chanting City Centers Worldwide - Spokane, Washington

 31 May
 Spokane Riverfront Park
 507 N Howard St - 99201 - Spokane - United States
 Shannon Ross
At 2 pm, Sunday May 31st, 2015, we will synchronize with the 9pm (UTC) OM/chant circles in many other cities around the world. Tentatively planned for clocktower meadow or east meadow, Riverfront Park. Open to suggestions. 'OM'ing' is very simple: often hands are joined in a circle and participants vocalize the 'word' 'OHHHMM' in a drawn-out fashion and the vibrations harmonize without much effort. Often a sense of 'synchronization with the present' is experienced. Those not intending to vocalize are still welcome to join the circle. Encouraged to bring drums, instruments, blankets, etc or to organize a drum circle at this gathering. In many countries songs and chants are sung and this would be welcome should anyone desire to lead. In our case however, I feel beginning with an OM chant is most straightforward and effective. "31 MAY there are synchronizing 14 countries: Sao Paulo (Brazil), Piracanga (Brazil), Zadar (Croatia), Kauai (Hawaii), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Tel Aviv (Israel), Berlin (Germany), Augsburg (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Metz (France), Washington (USA), Porto (Portugal) and hopefully Glasgow (Scotland) and Copenhagen (Denmark)" world event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/764648650319562/

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