UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES - Self Help Measures For Healthier Living

 21 May
 Quaker Meeting House, Overton Bank, Leek
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 Ruth Thompson Fox
This is a series of three presentations by Linda Skellam (physiotherapist) and Ruth Balliu (clinical complementary therapist) which will help you to understand the role of exercise and complementary therapies in health and well being. Session 1 will give you an understanding of the anatomy and causes of spinal and joint pains. You will be guided to understand the roles of correct posture and exercise. Session 2 will look at the role of Complementary Therapies, including Reflexology and Aromatherapy, and will provide you with a number of self help measures for common ailments. It will also look at the role of the mind-body connection and we will have a short meditation. Session 3 will look at the scientific evidence for the existence and relevance of energy fields in the functioning of the human body, and will discuss the implications of these findings. ***Session 1 Thursday 19th March 2015 19.30pm*** ***Session 2 Thursday 16th April 2015 19.30pm*** ***Session 3 Thursday 21st May 2015 19.30pm*** **FREE refreshments** **FREE carpark** (back of Quaker House) **Cost: £5.00 full £3.50 concessions**

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