30 May
 Ventura Beach Club
 281 W Main St - 93001 - Ventura - United States
 Mark Azm
UNDERSCENE implies an element of something that is under- expressed and rare. For our intents and purposes that is exemplary electronic music put on display properly (with tons of bass) in the correct setting and mixed by respectable deejays. The people and groups involved with this event are nothing short of mavens to the bass music community we know and love. From that love is the chosen duty to provide our community with a solid representation of this amazing music culture. This is 805. On Saturday May 30, 2015 in a very beautiful Ventura California location we will embark on a new chapter for high-quality electronic music gatherings. For all info please goto: www.leftsideproductions.com Brought to you with love from: Left Side Productions / Medium Enterprises Thumping sound by Emmersive Production Services Mind warping visuals by Altarbeast For all info please goto: www.leftsideproductions.com Brought to you with love from: Left Side Productions / Medium Enterprises Thumping sound by Emmersive Production Services Mind warping visuals by Altarbeast *Our aim is to showcase the finest in drum & bass, breaks, mid-tempo, dubstep and house beats around. ***$5 PRESALES*** : ***($10 @ DOOR)*** http://www.leftsideproductions.com AREA 1 (OUTDOORS): Hosted by Left Side Productions Massive sound by: Emmersive Production Services Non-stop broken beat DJ's: ~ Curious? - (LA) Tonz of Drumz / Bad Habit Muzik / Revolution Show "Been spinning since 1989. Got into Jungle in 1992. Specializes in Drum & Bass, Jungle, Future Jungle, Breaks, Garage. Has traveled all over the U.S. / Brighton UK / Toronto / Mexico City / Johannesburg, S.Africa. Hosts "The Revolution Show" every Monday night 8-11pm (pst)" www.soundcloud.com/djcurious-1 www.facebook.com/crsthedrumsmuggla www.deeprootedradio.com www.badhabitmuzikuk.com www.tonzofdrumz.bandcamp.com ~ Nightstalker - (LA) Bassrush / Insomniac "With his flawless technique and signature style behind the decks, DJ Nightstalker is a name that has become synonymous with dancefloor mayhem and West Coast junglism. Having earned his stripes in the underground drum & bass scene of Los Angeles in the late 1990s, DJ Nightstalker’s role as a journalist and editor-at-large for Bassrush and Insomniac's ever-expanding empire continues to earn him immeasurable recognition and respect worldwide. Originally paying his dues in the Los Angeles rave scene, DJ Nightstalker is best known for unleashing his infectious energy and signature blend of high intensity drum & bass on dancefloors worldwide. While he continues to seek out and profile the most talented artists across the planet in his role as scholar, writer, editor and journalist, the time has come for DJ Nightstalker to once again transform into that dark figure of the night, ready to unleash the beats that will have crowds bouncing off the walls and climbing up the speakers begging for more..." www.mixcloud.com/chris-muniz www.facebook.com/nightstalkerdj ~ Kemst (LA) No crazy bio: A true veteran in this game of dnb & dubstep in Los Angeles. MC, musician, pioneer, peoples champ. www.facebook.com/kemst ~ DownNgoinG Left Side Productions DNG is a highly skilled broken beat DJ with mind-warping deep mix programme ability. Notable 2014 achievements include the VCMA awarding "best dj in ventura county", opening for Infected Mushroom and running Left Side Radio. www.mixcrate.com/DownNgoinG www.soundcloud.com/DownNgoinG ~ Yong Left Side Productions / The Expanders Yong is the prodigal child of an entire family generation of music creators. He's also the youngest member of LSP. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AREA 2 (INDOORS): Hosted by Medium Enterprises medium presents THE GET DOWN All 805 house DJs, all night long. DJ Hogg Underground Souls www.soundcloud.com/djhogg Hogg has been an Santa Barbara staple for more than a decade. Before he ever picked up a record, Hogg cut his teeth on the warehouse floors of the San Francisco rave scene circa 96-02. Santa Barbara bound for school; Hogg joined forces with DJ Pat Swayzak, Calvin Riley, and Chris Dixon. The congregation now known as sbtherapy has been holding down the electronic music scene in Santa Barbara from 2002-2013. Partnering most recently with crews like Underground Souls (Santa Barbara), and Music Is Love (Santa Barbara); catch Hogg playing underground parties in the Santa Barbara mountains, on the beach, and at one off events with crews like MIL, sbtherapy, and Underground Souls. DJ Serby Bassic Productions www.soundcloud.com/djserby Originally hailing from the Mid-West this House DJ loves anything funky and with a good bass line. He has 15 years experience and has played along side some of the biggest names in the world. With a great ability to read a crowd, there is little chance of this guy not being able to make your ass shake. With his roots in Chicago style house music, th West Coast has offered a perfect compliment to his flavor. His music is something that will surely not disappoint. mathematic B. Entertained, medium www.soundcloud.com/mathematic From the early days of the 805 Underground through his work with Left Side Productions, B. Entertained and his own flagship venture Medium Enterprises; Mathematic (aka DJ Sandwich) has had but one true goal. That is to play and promote quality electronic music where he was born and raised, right here in Ventura County. His commitment to the scene here and across the 805 has remained true for nearly two decades, only for the love, whether that be behind the scenes or behind the decks. The Big Red Funk B. Entertained, medium www.soundcloud.com/thebigredfunk TBRF fell in love with electronic music in 1994 and started his quest to find that sound live and loud. In 2007 he attended his first rave and had his mind blown wide open. He joined B Entertained in 2007 and started spinning in 2009. Since then he has been all over the Southern California scene supporting and performing at underground events of all types, with nearly every crew out of the LA area. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Full art installation by: Garrett Birchfield (ventura) Art direction by none other than: Meaghan Elizabeth Sabra Myers & Sabrina Calderon of Sign Life Designs (ventura) ...expect a few surprises as we are going all out to insure this is a great night to remember. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there! Stay tuned! ***$5 PRESALES*** : ***($10 @ DOOR)*** http://www.leftsideproductions.com <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> #LeftSideproductions #MeduimEnterprises #TonzofDrumz #BadHabitMuzik #RevolutionShow #InsomniacEvents #Bassrush #Bassix.Productions #UndergroundSouls #b-ent #CURIOUS? #NIGHTSTALKER #KEMST #DJSERBY #DJHOGG #THEBIGREDFUNK #DownNgoinG #MATHEMATIC #YONG #Underground #VenturaCA

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