Ulsan Cup 2015

 23 May
 Taehwa Simnidaebat Chukkujang 태화십리대밭 축구장, 800 Taehwadong riverside Junggu, Ulsan
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 Gareth Copley
We are again looking for 16 expatriate teams to compete in the largest and oldest tournament for expatriate soccer on the Korean Peninsula. The 8th Ulsan Cup will be held on the long weekend of May 2015. The cup will run over the two days of Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May. As ever, the weekend will see 16 expatriate teams battle through a total of 46 matches to see one team crowned the best expatriate team in Korea. After eight years, we really know what we are doing. We offer you an unprecedented amount of football over one weekend, against the best expatriate teams on the peninsula. Utilise the long weekend this May, for competitive football and a trip to a different city.

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