UHSG June 2015: The Tree Walk

 04 June
 Proctor Park
 Culver Ave - 13501 - Utica - United States
 Lauren Eadline
For the month of June we will have the pleasure of having Chad Lesniak "The Tree Man of Newport" identify trees for us on our walk. Chad was awarded #1 tree identifier in New York state in the year 2000. Chad has a special gift for identifying trees although he can't teach others what qualities or characteristics about the tree that indicates its species. His gift is a mystery and offers our group and opportunity to identify the observable colors, textures and leaf shapes that match the trees Chad identifies. Feel free to bring any guidebooks, a camera, a notebook, and donations for Chad. Come join in the conversation on plant medicine, we hope to see you you there! Presented by Chad Lesniak Suggested Donation of $10-15 In case of rain on June 3rd we will meet the next evening Thursday June 4th At Proctor Park in Utica, Directions: From Culver Ave turn on to Rutger toward the park and take a left onto Ludlow Ave and we will meet in the parking lot there.

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