TWiMFeST Fundie #2: History Majors, Ring & Post, New Row & Lindsey Walker

 22 May
 Rancho Relaxo (Toronto)
 300 College St - M5S 2K2 - Toronto - Canada
Our second fundraiser as we race towards TWiMFeST 2015 goes down at Rancho Relaxo where it all began. We have a great lineup featuring a bonus treat all the way from Edmonton to open the night in the form of Lindsey Walker and then great locals Ring & Post, New Row and History Majors. Expand for full info, set times etc: Lindsey Walker: at 9:30: Lindsey Walker's music is at times haunting, blending soulful melodies, driving guitar riffs and rich lyrics to create music brimming with passion and wisdom. Nominated for a 2013 Edmonton Music Award, Lindsey has been hard at work touring Western Canada since the release of her debut album “Our Glory”. Starting out in theatre and since moving on to focus more on music, Lindsey has really found her true voice. Lindsey's lyrics come straight from the heart, while in between songs she takes audience members on a journey telling true-life stories that will make you laugh out loud, tear up, and even hug your neighbour. New Row: at 10:20: New Row are combining modern indie-rock with the trademark sounds of the Brit-Rock style to create a sound of their own. The band is working towards releasing their debut record in the next few months but in the meantime you can get a taste of what they are all about here: Ring & Post: at 11:10: Ring & Post is Brandon, Jay, Jones, and Todd. The band plays slightly off-kilter rock music – just weird enough to displease your boring relatives if you were to play a Ring & Post song at a family event. One member makes his own guitar pedals. He's pretty good at playing guitar, too, but the best guitarist in the band is the drummer (seriously). One of the guys is left-handed, and another is Australian. You are cordially invited to attend a Ring & Post concert and figure out who is who. History Majors: at 12:10: Closing the night out with the emo twinged indie-rock of History Majors! You know the kind of emo that Sunny Day Real Estate made not the kind that My Chemical Romance made. If you are going to listen to just one song before you decide to come make sure to check "Shadows" because that song is fantastic. Where: Rancho Relaxo (300 College) When: Fri May 22nd How Much: $10 Doors at 9 music at 9:30. @2waymonologues @theindiemachine TWiMFeST

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