Turkey: Mountain of the Goddess Yoga Retreat

 27 May
 Mount Ida (Turkey)
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 Greg Marzullo
Across the plains of Troy lies Mount Ida, the legendary home of the great mother goddess of Anatolia, and at its summit a shrine to the divine feminine still attracts pilgrims to honor the goddess force. This site is the center of our retreat to Turkey, and we’ll be staying at a beautiful locale on the very slopes of the mountain. A week of asana, meditation, chant and other ecstatic practices are designed to deepen our relationship to Shakti, the pervasive Divine Mother who is at the heart of Indian tantric traditions and the ancient spirituality of Turkey. While on the mountain, we’ll enjoy the incredible hospitality of the Turkish people, including food lovingly prepared by women from the local village. A clear mountain stream runs through the retreat center, and we can swim in it daily and dry off in the olive grounds abutting the creek. Lodging will be shared in either wood cabins or stone cabins. (Stone cabins have in-house bathrooms; cabins have a shared, separate bathhouse. Don’t worry – there’s plumbing for all. We stayed in a wood cabin last time, and we actually loved it.) We’ll be taking two side adventures during our week. One day we’ll spend in Pergamum, the ruins an ancient city on a cliff overlooking the valley below, and we’ll walk through temple grounds and an ancient Greek-style amphitheater cut into the cliff-face. We’ll also see the healing temple complex dedicated to Asclepius, the ancient Mediterranean god of healing. Finally, we have an incredible opportunity to take an excursion up to the summit of Mt. Ida, which boasts spectacular views and serves as a pilgrimage site to the feminine spirit still honored by the local people. While there, we can, like the locals still do, leave an offering to the goddess and meditate. This site is not accessible to tourists, and the owner of the retreat center will be our private guide for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Pricing: $1,600 for the wood cabins $,1700 for the stone cabins (first come-first served basis; there are fewer stone cabins) Non-refundable deposit of $800 (wood cabins) or $850 (stone cabins). Please note the deposits for this retreat cannot be paid forward should you cancel. Price includes lodging, food, day trips, and ground transport to and from the airport. Registration is now open!

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