Tuned in & Turned on, Zurich. With Ruby May and Maegan Melissa Honeybee

 29 May
 Grubenstrasse 15, Zürich
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 Ruby May
Ruby May & Maegan-Melissa Honeybee warmly invite you to enjoy a deeply nourishing weekend, as we connect to our joy, juiciness and power! Are you ready to step more fully into the juicy, vibrant & radiant being you truly are? Are you seeking an opportunity to restore balance and deeply replenish yourself? Does the idea of a playful, magical and transformative weekend, integrating dance, meditation, supersonic music, ritual, ceremonial cacao and sensual massage sound like exactly what your body and soul have been longing for? :) Cost: sliding scale (depending on what you can afford): 280 / 310 / 350 CHF for 3 days (incl. tea/coffee, a light vegan dinner on Saturday) For registration send an email to sarahbischof@icloud.com (deposit has to be paid in advance) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: During this transformative weekend, we will use a number of different mediums and practises including: *Dance and authentic movement, as a path to reclaiming the body & creative expression. *Ritual using the sacred plant medicine of raw Cacao, combined with sensual massage, to open our hearts and bodies. *Using different erotic archetypes to explore and embrace different facets of our sexual being *Costume as a transformational shape-shifting tool *Connecting to desire and exploring desire as a ‘spiritual’ path *Working with the circle as a way of harnessing our collective wisdom and speaking our truth FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO: http://www.alchemy-eros.com/workshops/tuned-in-turned-on/ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Ruby May is an edge-dwelling, truth-seeking creative visionary, whose passion is to work with ritual and magical spaces which support us to experience ourselves ‘beyond our imagination’. In ten years working with sexuality & authentic expression, she has been a burlesque & fetish fashion designer, a sexological bodyworker, Tantric Domina, intimacy coach and workshop facilitator, giving workshops on the themes of conscious sexuality in cities all over the world, and empowering people to embody & express their truth. Her love affair with cacao as a sacred plant medicine, continues to strengthen her commitment to exploring and working with the field of spiritual ecology and healing our relationship to life. www.alchemy-eros.com, www.rEvolution-Elsewhere.com Maegan Melissa Honeybee Gorbett is a Berlin-based girly-goddess-work-in-progress, devout lover of the feminine spirit, and considers a circle of Women to be one of the most powerful phenomenons in the world. She is a DJ, creator of magical spaces, Holistic Healer, Sacred Activist, worshiper of music, dance & Cacao, and all paths that lead to a more open heart. She is a recovering perfectionist and bliss-addict, and deeply honors the power of softness, vulnerability & playful creativity as a path to wholeness and peace…♥ www.messy-magic.com

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