TSOCFest (The Sound of Colchester) Summer daytime Live!

 14 June
 Avenue of Remembrance (Central Colchester)
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The Sound of Colchester Festival TSOC Festival is a brand new live music event bringing together the best of what Colchester & surrounding areas’ music scene has to offer. From singers to beat-boxers, bands to musicians - TSOC offers a platform for all talents. Launching June 14th on the field along Avenue of Remembrance, Colchester -TSOC welcomes a rich line up of top talent for a great summer Sunday! • The festival runs from 12 – 9pm. • Food & Drink (Soft & Alcoholic) stalls running all day. • The festival location is a two-minute walk from North Station making it very accessible for all! • Tickets available from FATSOMA.COM or download the app! • Early bird £10 – Standard £15. • CASH ONLY on the day, no card machines available HEADLINING…. THE NEW TOWN KINGS - The New Town kings are a ska-reggae collective band based in Essex who emphatically blend old-school Jamaican rhythms with a fresh dose of UK- inspired ska. Check them out – YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/NewTownKingsUK?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/newtownkings Also performing on the day… CUSHTI – Colchester’s number 1 cover band Cushti are a huge town favourite and always bring the party! The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers & The Kings of Leon are just a few of the bands they cover. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/stevecraigpaul?spfreload=10 GOVENOR’S LUCK - Governor's Luck are a four piece British Indie band from Essex who are renowned for their original sound, energetic live performance and tireless work style. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/GovernorsLuck?spfreload=10 FLAT MOUNTAIN FAMILY – The Flat Mountain Family are a fantastic 4-piece group consisting of banjo, double bass, mandolin & guitar. Playing everything from classic bluegrass to modern hits with a brilliant bluegrass twist. Check them out – YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/DixyMayhem/videos?spfreload=10 VIXATION - Vixation are a 4-piece Rock band from Colchester, fronted by vocalist Victoria Eldon. Playing mostly original tunes, they have been known to pull an acoustic cover out the bag too. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/rbriggs2k?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/ichixation PISTOLS & VULTURES – Pistols and Vultures mix a range of styles to create a polished and mature sound that’s all set to violate the UK’s alternative music scene. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/PistolsAndVultures?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/pistolsandvultures FAGAN - Fagan are a 7 year old an Indie Pop Band who bring a playful & energetic presence with their songs. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/Faganband?spfreload=10 CALGARY - Established in late 2013, Calgary are a 4-piece band from London/Essex. They have much up their sleeve but really impress with covers of such bands as Mumford & Sons & The Lumineers. Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/CalgaryUK/videos?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/calgary-uk JACKALS ROSE – Jackals Rose are a new upcoming five piece genre-bending Essex Band who have recently gained support from the local BBC Introducing team. Jackals Rose create a unique sound by mixing psychedelic rock with gritty indie twists. Check them out - YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCtm-wrTkM1OqTdFK5YdQ9bQ?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/jackalsrose MR MEANOR – Mr Meanor are a 4 piece R&B/Pop band destined for greatness. Signed to Universal, it’s a matter of time before we hear one of their songs on the radio! Check them out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/MrMeanorOfficial/videos?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www. soundcloud.com/mrmeanorworld KARMA – Karma are a local two piece band comprised of multi-instrumentalist Louis Takooree and recently crowned winner of the Open Mic UK competition vocalist James Burrage. Check them out – YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/JimmyBurrageMusic/videos?spfreload=10 Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/official_karma1 BEN WALSHAM - Walsham is a beat-boxer hailing from Colchester who’s made it to the UK top 40 championship with his dynamic sounds, basses & drums. Check him out - YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/walsham1234/videos?spfreload=10 Facebook us – TSOCFEST Follow us on twitter - @TSOCFEST #TSCOFEST This is an over 18s event. No food or drink is to be brought into the festival. The promoters reserve the right to refuse admission. All persons entering the festival will be searched. SIA licensed Security. Zero tolerance of any anti-social behavior. Limited parking available, first come first serve. If incase of event cancellation, a full ticket refund will be made via Fatsoma.com

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