19 May
 600 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108
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 True California
On Tuesday, May 19th, the true fans of the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders will speak together with one united voice to the NFL Owners to say: STAY IN OAKLAND! SAVE OUR BOLTS!! and BRING BACK THE LOS ANGELES RAMS!!! This is the true "California Solution" the NFL needs to hear... We are a great state, with great cities, and great teams... we are "TRUE CALIFORNIA"!!! "TRUE CALIFORNIA" Football Fans do not want to steal teams from other California cities! "TRUE CALIFORNIA" Football Fans believe in these THREE things: 1. THE RAIDERS MUST STAY IN OAKLAND 2. THE CHARGERS MUST STAY IN SAN DIEGO and 3. THE RAMS MUST RETURN TO LOS ANGELES We will gather together in St. Mary's Square Park (time TBA) and then proceed to march over to the Ritz Carlton San Francisco two blocks away to make our voices heard to the NFL Owners at their annual Spring Meeting. The day will be a day to put aside our normal team rivalries and support each other's causes and restore California's true professional football legacy...

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