Troupe // Desert Island Disco // Maribou State, Fono, Pedestrian, Wilfred Giroux, Palace

 16 May
 Ican Studios
 35 Monier Road - E3 2PR - London - United Kingdom
█║▌│█ THE DESERT ISLAND DISCO - PT1 █║▌│║▌ As summer arrives Troupe present a series of creative day parties. Troupe take you on a voyage into unchartered waters on a journey of sun-drenched discovery. Alas you have run aground and are now beached on a tropical paradise... As you peer through the palms for a passing ship, you hear the distant sound of drums in the breeze. The tribal chanting gets louder and you realise that other beached tribes are flocking to a giant disco ball. You never look back and gather your troupes for an afternoon of captivating sound, glitter, gourmet street food and cocktails at TROUPE'S DESERT ISLAND DISCO. █║▌│█ PERFORMERS █║▌│║▌ Maribou State Fono Eliphino Pedestrian Wilfred Giroux Lorca Palace Capulet Elliot Adamson Support from: Mr. Prince Lewis Bullock Andreas B. █║▌│█ LOCATION █║▌│║▌ Top secret day and night location in East London. Outdoor 1500 capacity day party and warehouse afterparty.

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