29 May
 Bagnarola Di Sesto Al Reghena Pordenone
  - 33079 - Sesto al Reghena - Italy
 Trototom FreeReggaenight
-----------TROTOTOM FREE REAGGE EVENT 2015--------- >>>----MACKA B and ROOTS RAGGA BAND. _First International guest at Trototom! >>>----PATOIS BROTHERS. _First album live show >>>----RUSTY ROCKERZ live. VENERDI_29MAGGIO@BAGNAROLA DI SESTO AL REGHENA In collaborazione con “OVERJAM” – International Reggae Festival ------------------------- TROTOTOM 2015 -------------------------- OneNight Festival di musica Reggae completamente Gratuito >>>>>>>>>FREE ENTRY<<<<<<<<< Dopo i grandi successi degli anni precedenti, ritorna per la sua sesta edizione… ..................TROTOTOM................Free.Reggae.Night and for the first time...................WIN OVERJAM TICKETS!! Line Up: dalle 20.00 in main stage: APERITIVO REGGAE con: Overjam Sound ft Panda Sound (Bergamo) per proseguire con i Live di: >>>----RUSTY ROCKERZ. >>>----PATOIS BROTHERS Live presentazione nuovo album: E, direttamente da Londra: >>>----MACKA B and ROOTS RAGGA BAND. ___PRIMO OSPITE INTERNAZIONALE AL TROTOTOM___ Aftershow: _Andy B. and Steve Selecta Osptite e presentatore della serata: _Steve Giant Mc Vi aspettiamo anche quest'anno in tantissimi, per passare insieme una serata di sano star bene, Musica Reggae e GRAN FESTON accompagnato della nostra ottima cucina…. Come sempre l’ingresso al Trototom è >>>>> GRATUITO<<<<<< VENERDI 29 MAGGIO@ SAGRA DELLA TROTA DI BAGNAROLA BAGNAROLA DI SESTO AL REGHENA USCITA A 28 Portogruaro-Pn MACKA B Official Page: Macka.B has always been interested in music. At a very young age he was impressed by the heavyweight sound system Lord Barley, playing in the blues party next door. The vibrant reggae beat found a place in his heart that remains there to this very day. On leaving school he sought a career in engineering. He obtained a technical apprenticeship at Ever Ready, but redundancy due to factory closure ended that career, which proved to be a blessing in disguise. He started to practice at home gaining inspiration from legends such as U-Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth, Prince Far-I, etc. It was also at this time that Macka.B decided to accept the Ras Tafari faith, which is the central part of his life. He and some friends started a sound system called Exodus, which just happened to be the same sound that Macka.B used to listen to as a little youth. The sound was passed down from father to sons and renamed Exodus. In 1982 a visit to Jamaica inspired him greatly improving his talent. He entered a D. J. competition in 1983 at the Rising Star club in Bilston, (included were Pato Banton & Rankin Ann.) Macka.B. won and from this was invited on the radio several times, his name began to spread. He was also in a band called Pre-Wax, they did many live shows and also appeared on Channel 4's Rockers Road show. A record called Maggie's Letter was also released by a producer called Papa P. It became a local success. Derek Nelson producer of Ebony BBC2, heard Macka.B perform on the radio, and as they had a show planned for Birmingham, asked him to perform on that show. He went down so well he received a regular spot on the next series. Macka.B never stopped working with sound systems Wassifa from Birmingham & Skippy & Lippy being the main ones. A tape of a dance Wassifa v Saxon Sound in Leicester, was heard by John & Chris at Fashion records who invited Macka.B to do some recording. "Bible Reader" was released and did well in the Reggae singles charts. Also released was a track called "Gentleman with Manners" on a LP called Great British M.C's. Mad Professor of Ariwa saw Macka.B perform on T.V. and arranged a meeting. The outcome of this was Macka.B joining the Ariwa label and recording the LP "Sign of the Times" which reached No 1. in the Reggae LP charts. Appeared on Channel 4 Club Mix & 1986 Sunsplash in Wembley Arena. Started to tour Europe. Released 2nd album "We've Had Enough" in 1987. In 1988 visited Jamaica recorded "Love it in Jamaica" & "Slow Down Driver" for Black Scorpio label. Recorded "Looks are Deceiving" for Ariwa. Appeared on BBC 2's Def 11 - Behind the Beat. Released LP Buppie Culture in 1989. The album contained the single "Dread a who she love" a duet with Kofi, which went to number one in the reggae singles charts. 1990 saw the release of "Proud of Mandela" celebrating the release of Nelson Mandela. It went straight to number one in the Reggae singles chart and was featured on the album "Natural Suntan". Became the first British Reggae artist to tour Australia. In the nineties Macka.B. recorded 8 more albums for Ariwa and also collaborated with other artists and labels. Albums for Ariwa were "Peace Cup"- "Discrimination" - "Roots Ragga" - "Jamaica No Problem" - "Here Comes Trouble" - "Hold On To your Culture" - "Suspicious" - "Roots & Culture". Recorded "Tongue a no Gun" & "God a Come" with Sanchez on Xterminator label. "D. J. Unity" with Tony Rebel on Penthouse label. "Sex Machine" on Black Scorpio label. "Mr Cop" with Gregory Isaacs on Ras label. "Yele" with Baba Maal on Island records. "Doctors of love" with Pato Banton. "Malcolm X" with Steel Pulse. Recorded on Ariwa with Nolan Irie, Earl 16, Horace Andy, Sandra Cross, Kofi, Brown Sugar, Steve Ital, Fish. Voted British Reggae Industry Best Male D. J. 91& 92. He has appeared on Channel 4's "The Real McKoy" , Canal + in France, German TV and many stations worldwide. He has twice performed on Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica, also at Sting & White River Reggae Bash in Jamaica. He also appeared in front of Nelson Mandela in the National Stadium Kingston. Macka.B has toured Japan all over America, Africa, Hawaii, France, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia,Mayotte, Norway, Switzerland, Poland to name but a few. He has performed alongside artists such as Burning Spear, U-Roy, The Wailers, Kool and the Gang, Lee Perry, Culture, Baaba Maal Gladiators and many more. In the year 2000 he released the album "Global Messenger" on the Ariwa label. He also recorded "What's going on" with Tony Rebel on the Flames label. He appeared on Rebel Salute in Jamaica and also toured South Africa. In 2001 he recorded 2 songs on the Humal label "Homeland Africa" & "More Knowledge" which were very well received. In 2002 Macka.B teamed up with the Royale Roots Band and produced the album entitled “By Royale Command” which is still in demand. In 2003 Macka.B played for the first time in West Africa performing in Senegal alongside Baba Maal and also in Sierra Leone. He also become the first Reggae artist to tour the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia). In 2004 Macka.B signed to the Jet Star label (Charm) releasing the album “Word,Sound and Power “ which was very well received. Macka.B continued to tour the world performing in faraway places such as Mayotte and Mexico. In 2008 a brand new live Cd and also the first live Dvd featuring Macka.B was released 2009 saw Macka.B’s Cd ”More Knowledge” released by Humal Records critically acclaimed by some as his best album to date. 2011 Macka.B continued to tour extensively and recorded Never played a 45 with Peckings Records and Our Music with the Necessary Mayhem label. 2012 Recorded new album Change The World for Chinelo Records and Eps Rasta Soldier for Necessary Mayhem, Raspect for El Ricallan (Japenese Label) Macka.B continues to spread consciousness and break down the barriers. MACKA B DISCOGRAPHY: ALBUMS: • Sign of the Times - Ariwa, 1986 • We've Had Enough - Ariwa, 1987 • Looks Are Deceiving - RAS, 1988 • Natural Suntan - Ariwa, 1990 • Peace Cup - Ariwa, 1991 • Roots Ragga (live) - Fotofon/Ar, 1992 • Jamaica, No Problem - RAS, 1992 • Roots Ragga (live) - Ariwa, 1993 • Here Comes Trouble - Ariwa, 1994 • Discrimination - Ariwa, 1995 • Hold on to Your Culture - Ariwa, 1995 • Suspicious - Ariwa, 1998 • Roots & Culture - Ariwa, 1999 • Global Messenger - Ariwa, 2000 • Roots Ragga, Vol. 2 - Ariwa, 2002 • By Royal Command - Jet Star, 2003 • Word, Sound & Power - Charm, 2004 • Who Likes Macka B Music? - Pony Canyon, 2005 • Live Tour 2007 • More Knowledge - Humal Records, 2008 • Change The World - Chinelo Records 2012 PATOIS BROTHERS Official Page: Patois Brothers is a reggae music band formed in 2010 in the province of Venice by a group of friends willing to express their passion for this kind of music. Listening was not enough, they had to concretely and directly know what they had in common: the passion for upbeat music. Inspired by Bob Marley, Jhonny Clarke, Black Uhuru and Africa Unite they went through an artistic path that brought them to the creation of songs that are closer to the meaning they give to Reggae music. The band developed with the first rehearsals and first performances in public until the current formation. In the last year they decided to express themselves in a better way getting down to compose their own pieces. They just released on 17.01.2015 the first full album called “MIGHTY WAYS”, already liked very much by all the involved people in the italian reggae market. PATOIS BROTHERS: Gioele Ballin - Voce/chitarra ritmica Geremia Ballin - Voce/Sassofono Fabio Salaroli - Basso Francesco Checchin - Batteria Simone Fagotto- tastiera Marco Cavallaccio - Chitarra solista Enrico Simionato - Percussioni RUSTY ROCKERZ Official Page: TROTOTOM STORY: Dal 29 maggio 2010, all’interno della sagra di Bagnarola, prende vita un nuovo tipo di serata. Nato dalla volontà dei giovani del luogo di creare qualcosa di alternativo, si è sviluppato un progetto che mira a portare, per una sera l’anno, un clima di serenità e divertimento ispirato esclusivamente dalla musica e dalle sonorità reggae. Il 2010 è anche tristemente noto per aver visto il Friuli orfano del più famoso European Reaggae Festival, il Rototom Sunsplash, che proprio nella nostra regione ha i suoi natali e che per 16 anni ha visto l’approdo di persone da ogni angolo del mondo. Partito scherzosamente, l’evento prende appunto il nome di TROTOTOM, per indicare, nel suo piccolo, la commistione tra il compianto Festival e il contesto della sagra della Trota di Bagnarola. Ad oggi conta ormai cinque fortunatissime edizioni, durante le quali si sono alternati dj sets ed esibizioni di gruppi del calibro dei Mellow Mood, Cath a Fyah, Raphael and the Eazy Skankers, North East Ska Jazz Orchestra, Train to Roots, Varie ed Eventuali, Lion D and Bunna from Africa Unite. Il 29 maggio 2015 sarà la volta della sua quinta edizione, che vedrà alternarsi nel palco diversi artisti giunti da più parti d’Italia e d’Europa e dj sets pre e after party. Il TROTOTOM FreeReaggaeNight, vive con lo spirito di creare un contesto che piaccia e che attiri un pubblico eterogeneo, che prevarichi semplici questioni di gusti e generi musicali. Vive per creare un clima di festa, serenità e di star bene insieme; in una serata di musica e spettacolo completamente gratuiti nella cornice del parco festeggiamenti di Bagnarola. TROTOTOM <3 Trototom Official Page: Powered By: -Trototom Free Reggae Night -Overjam International Reggae Festival -Kiosc’ON

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