Tripura Sundari Celebration

 29 May
 Natha Yoga Center
 Celciusgatan 29 - 212 14 - Malmö - Sweden
 Natha Yoga Karlskrona
Welcome to the 3rd edition of the international camp for women - the Celebration of the Great Cosmic Powers This year we celebrate TRIPURA SUNDARI - the feminine power of love, beauty, harmony, divine truth and good. Love is the enlivening blissful touch which connects the entire creation with the Creator. For the love exists through itself, and its movement is eternally free; it is present in the eternity, everywhere, in the shape of Bliss. Love is a transfiguring overflow of the divine Charm, the basic, undying and perfect Happiness that hides within the essence of everything. Emanating from the mysterious Transcendental, the Love has total mastery over the entire manifestation. The goodwill, the kindliness, the compassion, the consideration, sympathy, affection, Eros, friendship, petting, intimacy, unity are all reflections on the Earth of the Divine Love. This special retreat for women is only for the students of our yoga school, irrespective of the country <3 Dress code: pure red. Apply at: Venue: NATHA Yogacenter Malmö, Celsiusgatan 29,

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