Triple Threat 12 (EGX Qualifier) - Sunday 7th June - Orange Rooms, Southampton

 07 June
 The Orange Rooms, 1-2 Vernon Walk, so15 2sn Southampton
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 Triple Threat Tournament Series - Southampton
Team TT and Unequalled Media are proud to announce the next event in our fighting games tournament series with Triple Threat 12! This will be the first tournament we've hosted this year and it is definitely overdue, we'll make sure this is a solid event for everyone who attends! USF4, SF3 and ST played on XBOX 360 Smash Bros 4 played on Nintendo Wii U Signups are on the day between 12:00 - 1:15pm Costs: Venue Fee - £5.00 All games - £5.00 Streamed by Unequalled Media EGX Qualification Event - The top 4 Ultra Street Fighter IV players on the day will earn instant qualification to the EGX Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event in Birmingham on Sunday 27th September! More information can be found at RULES: (General) - Wireless Xbox 360 controllers are BANNED! - Wireless Nintendo Wii U Pro controllers are permitted but no use of the Gamepad will be allowed. *We would prefer/recommend wired Gamecube pads being used across the board if possible* - If you turn up later then the signing up time you will not be allowed to enter - If you do not turn up to your match after 5mins you will be disqualified - If pause button is hit by a player the round will be given to the other player, unless it doesn't affect the outcome (i.e. ultra animation, hit would killed anyway) - If player messes up the button check during a match it is up to the other player if they can re-do. {Ultra Street Fighter IV} -Must be played on 'Ultra' edition - 99 seconds time limit - All matches must be played on 'Ultra' edition in 'Edition Select' - No handicaps - Losers can change character {3rd Strike} - Gill is BANNED - No "Dip Switch" changes - 99 seconds time limit - No handicaps - Allowed to change super arts winner or loser - Losers can change character {Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix} - Akuma is banned - 3/5 games - Speed 3 - Classic arcade mode - Loser can change character {Super Smash Bros Wii U} Ruleset TBA 100% of game entry fees go into the prize pot. Prizes in all games: 1st: 70% of the pot 2nd: 20% of the pot 3rd: 10% of the pot Orange Rooms will also be running their usual drinks and food offers throughout the day including the infamous £4.95 Gourmet Burgers and Hotdogs till 10pm! Location: The Orange Rooms 3-4 Vernon Walk Bedford Place Southampton Hampshire SO15 2EJ

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