Transcendental Bliss

 12 June
 Blue Mountain Event Center
 7250 Mitchell Mill Rd - 95257 - Wilseyville - United States
 Reanna Bryant
Welcome one and all to this celebration of Love and Light. A calling to family far and wide, a gathering of the light bringers, the magicians, the healers, the builders of this coming paradigm. “The Sweet Cotton Candy Kiss of Transcendental Bliss”. We are excited to be working with a dynamic team of creators, musicians, artists, performers and clownarchists; we affectionately call “Yes Please Creations”. Our truest intention is to create and hold space for the true self to blossom and shine. On June 12th we will converge on an awe inspiring, beautiful and historic piece of land, called Blue Mountain Event Center in Calaveras County California. Come share everything you are with your family! Transcendental Bliss is a 3 day event that will dive in to the philosophies, and ideals of sustainable gathering and community building. During which we will dance, sing, learn and laugh. Yes Please Creations has put together a grouping of some of our favorite humans to share with you their expression through Music, Performance and Fine Art, Dance, Workshops and Skill Sharing. We are grateful for this opportunity to build something new, from a stable foundation. Those who will channel the magic and message we call Music: Forest Green (Cute Fang Recordings) Ben Annand (Moontribe/Tropical, Los Angeles ) Joe Moontribe (Moontribe Nor-cal/So-cal) Joe Schoenfeld Moody Eva (GoodBeats, DGS) Eva Salyer Wich Dokta... Sean Murray - Housepitality SF Jay Grizzwald (Othersound and Animal Factory) Dj ShaGGy Deejay Shaggy (Floorbanger Recordings/Vector Tribe LA.) Oscar Gerard (Audio United, Society 79, Los Angeles) Zapper Live PA (Ooze System) Zapher Jones DATgirl Live PA (Ooze System) Serene Datgirl DJ Marjo Lak (Butter Music Brazil) Robin Weber (Shelter SF, Fatbol Clothing) Truth Agent Jeremy Thomas (Amen Productions) Tony Manfre (Acid Boy$f) Jay Vigor (Strategik) Jason Vassar The Reverend (Higher Conscience) Jesse Epperson Tim Brown (Higher Conscience, Thought Society, Sunday Bumps, Family Room) Tecni (Sunday Bumps, Family Room, ScandinAsian, Bass Rattle & Roll) Randy DjTecni Jason Eastbay Jay Timney Aaron Q (Family Function, Yes Please Creations), Aaron Quintana Malachi (Family Funktions) Tokit (Higher conscience/Family Funktions) Jayme Tokit Scott BassTard (DGS, Foolmoon) Brian Mitchell Rkives (Storytime Crew, Yes Please Creations) Ralph Kraftsman Sycamore (Storytime Crew) Sycamore Sunny, Jsun Paul (DGS, WolfPack) Derek Watts (DGS) Touch (DGS) Christopher Jonas Moore B.O.A. Chris Noonan Joe-E (DGS) Joey Tippett Scribz (Storytime Crew) Capitan Scribz Dyaphonoyze Live PA (Mad trees digital/Lostinsound) Willie Hansen Treemeista (Humboldt Bass Crew/FATBOL) Andrew Treemeista Gene Manson Tenino Wa ( Brassknuckles Consortium, thebāssline ) STUPOTICUS H , MANCHESTER U.K., ( thebāssline, Rune Recordings) Stu Halsall Jason Price ( thebāssline) Prime8 (WOOK, Cerebral Paradise) SALEX (Dark Side of Innocence Records - Emergency FM) Stephanie Alexis Salex Many More to be confirmed soon! Workshops By: Danny G. Picard "Thriving In The New Paradigm" Stephanie Frame Herzog with Aromatherapy/Essential oils and Feng Shui Z Susie Kidd with hip fusion (tribal belly dance hip hop fusion)...Movement meditation to align your chakras and find your inner truth More TBA... Lighting by Marmalade sky Get your early bird pass now for only $60 !!! Prices will go up soon !!¤cy_code=USD&button_subtype=services&bn=PP%2dBuyNowBF%3abtn_buynowCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted If you would like to volunteer please join this group: do you want to contribute your art in some way?? join this group:

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