Training Program in Archeology

 06 June
 Parkin Archeological State Park
 60 Hwy 184 N - 72373-1110 - Parkin - United States
 Marilyn Knapp
Each year in June, the Arkansas Archeological Society, in cooperation with the Arkansas Archeological Survey holds a Training Program in Archeology for Society members. http:\ For the 52nd year of the Training Program, we will be returning to the eastern side of the state, peppered with densely occupied Mississippian (AD 1000-1650) sites. The base of operations and camping will be at Parkin Archeological State Park, located at the north end of the town of Parkin and the site that we will be investigating, the Richard's Bridge site, is approximately 8 miles east/northeast of the state park. Named after an early settler, the site includes not only the Parkin phase village, but also and antebellum cabin (now renovated somewhat) that is on the National Register of Historic Places, plus a small cemetery of Richard family members. Dr. Jeffrey Mitchem, Arkansas Archeological Survey, Parkin Archeological State Park station archeologist, will be directing the Training Program operations and field research. Archeogeophysical research in the past two years has revealed that there are a number of well-defined features on the site that are most likely burned house floors. These seem to form patterns that indicate they may have been arranged in straight or curving rows. If this is correct, it is the first time we have been able to discern intrusive patterning in a Parkin phase village. Our plans for the June Training Program call for selecting two of the presumed house floors for excavation. For a full description of research and other excavation plans, go to for all the details and registration information.

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