Train With Us (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder Co-Ed Bootcamp)

 31 May
 Grimsby Leisure Centre
 Cromwell Road - DN312BH - Grimsby - United Kingdom
 Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder
Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder's first ever bootcamp! We wanted to run things slightly differently and are inviting you to come to an extended training session with us (/bootcamp) where we'll take you through some of Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder's way of playing roller derby. During the day we'll show you some skills our jammers use to be effective on the track and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have to the coaches of the section. We'll also move on to the Thunder Ducks way of blocking and cover some skills we hold dear to our defensive walls. Interested in learning how to jam like Sully? Block like Giggity? Shoot pistols like Tom A Hawke? Now's your chance! Pink leggings and a duck t-shirt are optional. This event will be ran by key players in the Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder roster, and key skaters in the Men's England Roller Derby roster of 2014. Tickets are limited so please don't hesitate! ** This bootcamp is open to skaters who have passed their minimum skills, are over 18 and are bout eligible. We expect that you are able to confidently scrimmage and have a good understanding and experience of the game of roller derby. You will need to be able to fall, be hit and give hits. Coaches can ask participants to stop participating if they feel a skater is not at the appropriate standard for the drills. In this event refunds will not be given.

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