TPA / DTRC Meeting

 20 May
 Danvers Fire Headquarters
  - 01923 - Danvers - United States
 Jim Morose
Danvers Town Republican Committee & Tea Party Alliance TPA Election 2016 meeting Wednesday May 20 , 2015 7:30pm At the Danvers Fire Station 64 High St. Danvers Ma. Help us help you change + strengthen grass roots common sense political solutions. We will be meeting monthly on the 3rd Wed. of each month, dates are: feb-18, mar-18, apr-15, may-20, jun-17, jul-15, aug-19, sep-16, oct-21, nov-18, dec-16 We need you to unite with us to help elect qualified candidates who will address the issues of the day: excessive debt & taxes; borders & immigration; party polarization; political corruption; jobs + economy + money markets. & Prof. Gruber United we stand – Divided we fall If you have ever wanted to get involved in a campaign and make a difference, this is the time and place to learn & get involved. Come and work with us to prune the political thorns and dead wood UNITY = VICTORY! The Alliance welcomes like minds to join this “Alliance” of Concerned Citizen Groups; Unenrolled, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Constitution Party, Green Party, Tea Party or No Party etc. registered Voters in Ma. 54%=unenrolled; 34%=Democrat; 11%=Republican; 1%=all the others. Plenty of Work to do! Help by talking to friends neighbors & relatives about the issues and solutions. We need to work with candidates who will fix the problems not compromise & kick the can down the road. The current sum total of compromising BAU (Business As Usual) is $18-Trillion in debt and trucks loads of comprehensive convoluted unconstitutional trash laws. Laws we must obey, but they (Speaker DeLeo, N. Pelosi, H. Reed, J. McCain, and a host of others don’t read & exclude themselves from). It is time to stop the madness. Will you be part of the solution or part the problem? The choice is yours. Change the power flow! Establishment + Big Government = Top down power flow. AKA;Tyranny Grassroots + you = Bottom up power flow. AKA: Constitutional Liberty for More info go to: Danvers Republican Town Committee ( TPA Tea Party Alliance ( New Videos: To view TPA shows on demand: go to: Select DVD on demand button Select Cable Access Shows: Search for TPA, Tea Party Alliance (scroll in list) Select & -hit play,

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