Totes for Connor

 29 May
  - - -
 Samantha Marshall
As many of you know a childhood friend of mine Matt Ennis and his wife Megan have been told their son Connor has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The left side of the heart (the part that pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of the body) is under developed. HLHS occurs in up to 4 out of every 10,000 live births. Treatments for HLHS is a series of 3 operations, with the first one to be performed within the first week after birth, the second at about six months and the third one between 18-48 months. With that being said Connor's parents will need to take a lot of time off work without pay for these surgeries and multiple trips to the doctor. I would like to help raise money to take some of the financial burden off of them! Here's where you come in! I will be selling Large Utility Totes for $40 (tax and shipping included in that price). For every two totes sold I can donate $25 to Matt and Megan to put in a trust fund for Connor. I will be collecting orders and keeping everyone updated on how much we have going to the Ennis'! Please consider supporting this cause! :)

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