TMMA Music Fest 2015 by Iejir Metal Band and Horror Novelist Tressa Graves, Queen of Darkness.

 05 June
 Chesterfield, MI, United States
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 The Michigan Metal Association.
The 2nd annual TMMA Music Fest 2015 Kicks off on June 5th-6th. @ Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit! Over 40 of our Best Local non -Local Bands! Acoustic acts, Rock and Metal... (Headliners to be announced.) 2 Stages and Non stop Music from 12:pm to 2:am Both days! Drinks, Band Merch. And much more!!! (to be announced) Tell all of you friends! Fan's! Fan's Friend's and There Friends!!! Hell Invite the World! In Support of our Ever-Growing Music Scene! Thank you! See you All There! ----- More info soon!!! ----- M/ Featuring, Published Horror Novelist, Tressa Graves with her Best Selling Novel The Sawgrass Footpath! Get your Autographed copy! Iejir - With TMMA,Owners Quinn Kelly & Lilith Blaze House of Razorblades Shannon Razorblade & RINGS Razorblade - MC/Host - Hostess. And Special Acts. Distant Decend Skinbound Sykosis Apathy Syndrome Novena Vendetta Maybe Whitney Terminus, Five Hundredth Year, DEDLIGHTS Die-Sect, Autumn Stay, Meat Dog Broken Silence, Hate Unbound The Jonestown Crows Angels of Chernobyl Archimime Hyporium Toxic-Anarchy Isolation Theory Awakened Draconis Malice Metal Band Dystopian i Oeno The Gift Of Hera Desiring Dead Flesh Beyond N Back Mob Local When Eyes Restrict Adrift on River Styx Underground Fight Club Daywrecker The Concept Of Breathing Chivalry. Drifter I'm William Cutting His Majesty Corrupt. From Hell Nuskin Torn Into A Dying Ultimatum Mare Crisium Salem's Lot The Creeping Chaos -------------------------Acoustic Sets ------------------ Professor Cheese. - HarmoNyck. - Chivalry. - Rob Stone. - - More will be posted soon.

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