TLC Junction City Quarter Mania June 12th 7pm

 12 June
 Senior Center/ 4H Building,1025 S. Spring Valley Rd.
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 TLC Quarter Mania
TLC has done it again! One of the newest ways to bring Home Based Businesses to you! It’s called Quarter Mania! We are having one Friday June 6th at 7pm in Junction City at the Senior Center/ 4H Building,1025 S. Spring Valley Rd. What is a Quarter Mania? TLC has brought together many Home Based Businesses in one spot! These Businesses will bring to you items for auction all for one or a two quarter bid. How this works is you will be greeted as you enter the building, there you can purchase an auction paddle $5 for the first or $10 for 4 and then $3 for any additional paddle or paddles after that. Once inside help yourself to the food and shop until the auction starts. Once the auction starts find a seat. A consultant for the product being sold will come up front and talk a little about the item they have up for auction. At that point you are told if it’s a 1 quarter bid or more, and that’s when you can bid on it. If you are told it’s a 1 quarter bid then you may bid 1 quarter per paddle you have purchased. So 4 paddles you can bid up to 4 quarters on that item. Hold the paddles you are bidding with high in the air. Then a number that corresponds to the paddles will be drawn and the paddle that matches the drawn number is the winner of that auction item. We will go around the room once stopping at each consultant and auctioning off their item. Once all the way around the room we will take a short break. To refill plates, shop, or use the restroom. After break we do it all again. Oh! Did I mention door prizes! This is a lot of fun for everyone, so break open the piggy bank grab some friends and get down to the Senior Center to enjoy an evening in Junction City. An evening out with friends, winning prizes, and all for under $20 the whole night! WOW!

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