Tipton Family Reunion

 11 June
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 Ken Tipton
Family reunion for kids, grand-kids, wives, ex-wives, significant others, step-kids, etc., of Kyle, Kevin, Kelly, and Ken Tipton. All round-trip airfare, transportation from airport to rented Villa, and cost of the Villa are covered. Each person to put in at least $100 for food. This is not a working trip for the for the ladies. Dinners will be catered buffet style. Breakfast and lunch is on your own to make. Getting this many people to all agree on when and where is futile. Some people may be only able to come for the weekend. We'll work out what we can. First is the date? Please choose one of the three dates below and respond on this page. Even if it is just the weekend portion of those dates. June 11-15, 18-22, or 25-29 Where? Somewhere in Florida. The location is TOTALLY dependent on what dates are chosen and what vacation rental properties are available. There are many Villas available around Orlando and Kissimmee, as well as other big Florida cities. Not so many in the Florida Keys, but there are a few. The location will be chosen based on housing available to us all as a family with plenty of things to do at the Villa. Not what amusements are located near the Villa. In other words, if it turns out to be Orlando, I'm sorry to those who grew up there. I sent out as many invites as I could. Some are not connected to my FB account like Alison and Lauren. Make sure to send the invite to all that I have missed. Kelly, this includes all of your kids. Here are the possible attendees: 2 - Kyle plus one, two or three?? 6 - Kevin plus 5 5 - Kelly plus 4 11 - Ken plus 10 24 Total More to come.

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