"TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film" Film Screening

 28 May
 1 Tremont Place, Lowell, MA
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 Suzzanne Cromwell
ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, POLAROID FANS, DOCUMENTARY FANS -- Do Not Miss This Fabulous Film Event! **Polaroid Artists & Former Company Employees Especially Welcome!** We all had 'em -- POLAROID CAMERAS. Those magical little boxes that spat out freeze frames of our special life moments. Polaroid enthusiasts AND everyday people were heartbroken when the company tragically closed operations, especially those of us in the Somerville/Cambridge area where Polaroid HQ was located. On Thursday, May 28, we invite you to relive your Polaroid moments through the remarkable lens of director Grant Hamilton at our special screening of the award-winning documentary "Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film"! See how Hamilton managed to capture the heart of the company and the emotion and passion of a Polaroid-loving community from around the world! ABOUT THE FILM: Created by enthusiastic Polaroid user Grant Hamilton, "Time Zero: The Last year of Polaroid Film," captures the death and unexpected (yet brilliant!) rebirth of Polaroid film and the people who are avid instant film lovers. In 2008, Polaroid sadly decided to discontinue they beloved instant film. Yet a lot of people still liked taking Polaroid photos and found the camera that produced instant prints to be magical, something that digital couldn’t match. One fan who missed Polaroid film so much made his attempt to buy the Polaroid factory in the Netherlands with the intention to restart production. He entitled the rebirth of instant film The Impossible Project. Thanks to The Impossible Project, Hamilton managed to gather old fans AND a new generation of fans that don’t recall the hay day of Polaroid. "Time Zero" starts as a eulogy to Polaroid instant film and cameras, sharing with viewers the magic of Polaroid through the perspective of a few Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation. After documenting the fateful day when Polaroid announced it would cease production of instant film, "Time Zero" shares the intense emotions of several photographers as they recount hearing the sad news and focuses on a few passionate photographers who decide to start a grass-roots effort to keep instant film alive — their efforts are what ultimately led to the incredible company and mission, The Impossible Project. After telling the tale of Polaroid film’s final days, Hamilton brings us full circle by chronicling passionate efforts of a small team who – against all odds – tried to keep instant photography alive! LEARN MORE! "Time Zero": www.timezeromovie.com The Impossible Project: https://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/film?gclid=CLiWjv3jxMUCFVKQHwodTAYAhQ

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