22 November
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 Kris Thagoodboi Massey
Looking for a good HYPEMAN/HOST? Look for Kris Thagoodboi Massey to bring your event/party to life. Deals starting at $100. Satisfaction guaranteed! DM me or contact me on Facebook @kris Thagoodboi Massey. Serious inquiries only! THAGOODBOIMASSEY MR MVP of Memphis! MASSEYBOYZENT! PS. If you need memories for your next event. Kris Thagoodboi Massey take pictures to. SeriousInquiriesOnly!! Just DM me on Facebook, and I will talk to you later. Now I'm currently at Classic Soulz "Birthday Bash TUESDAY", Prohibition Lounge "TFNM" on FRIDAYS, and Ice Bar & Grill "IceSomeDown SATURDAYS" FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM @thagoodboi_massey and M.V.P EVENT LIST on FACEBOOK for the next event that I will be hosting....

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 15 December, Thursday