Tim Cornett and William S. Tribell @ Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival

 22 May
 Pineville Bell County Public Library
 214 S Walnut St - 40977-1630 - Pineville - United States
 William S Tribell
Historian and author Tim Cornett and poet William S. Tribell will be signing books at the Pineville Bell County Public Library in Pineville Kentucky as part of the 85th Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival - Friday, May 22, 1pm- 7pm. _______________________________________________________ Tim Cornett is a native of Bell County and the author of two books about he area - "Bell County, KY - Images of America" and "Bell County, KY: A brief history." Cornett grew up in Pineville and his books are the result of a life-time of research and interviews. Having worked as a reporter, editor, photographer, public relations director, police dispatcher and telemarketer he is now retired and lives in his childhood home where he continues his historical research and is planning a third book about thee area. He has two grown daughters, Shauna and Kari Cornett. Stealing a quote from Jerry Maquire, author of "Wicked," Cornett says, “Where I'm from, we believe in all sorts of things that aren't true... we call it history.” Bell County, Kentucky: A Brief History (Brief Histories) -- Site of the Gateway to the West, the Cumberland Gap, the history of Kentucky begins right here in Bell County. Early pioneers like Thomas Walker and Daniel Boone endured the untamed wilderness and opened the door to the Bluegrass for civilizations to follow. Those who subsequently made their homes here- who eked a living out of the rocky soil and survived civil war, world war, labor war and the booms and busts of timber and coal- have preserved this pioneering spirit. Lifelong resident Tim Cornett presents the history of his homeland from its first known inhabitants through the twentieth century, drawing on old letters, memoirs and personal interviews from the men and women who explored the land, exploited the land and shaped it into the Bell County we know today. Bell County (KY) (Images of America) -- A photo history of Bell County from its early days as the Cumberland For settlement to the close of the 2oth century. Through years of research local author Tim Cornett has presented an interest walk down memory lane. __________________________________________* William Tribell is a Pushcart Prize nominee with a penchant for travel. Born in Kentucky, He has lived all over the country and the world. Returning to the States last year after five years in Eastern Europe, William currently lives in the Cumberland Gap. He is a member of The Southern Collective Experience. His work appears in journals and magazines around the world, including Mensa's Calliope, Pine Mountain Sand Gravel, and Cowboys & Indians magazine. Many of his poems recorded spoken word and with instrumentation by Radio Hall of Fame inductee Gary Burbank, actor John Blyth Barrymore, Red State Update's Travis Harmon and many others can be found online. William has recently worked part-time as a reporter for the Daily News in Middlesboro KY, he is a member of the Tri State Paranormal Investigators cast of the TV show “Paranormal Journeys” in Middlesboro on MCTV 22 and he hosts a weekly radio show called Spectrum that airs every Wednesday at midnight est. on Appalshop’s WMMT 88.7 FM in Whitesburg Ky. Repressions is a collection of poems by authors William S Tribell, Tina Twito and Jeffery L Carey Jr. Their Repressionist movement culminated during the economic downturn exploring social and economic repressions, as well as, repressed memories and emotions. Many of their poems seek to understand and bring these repressions to the surface, thus re-pressing them or bringing them to light once again. The collection also captures the spirit of what came to be known as the “lost generation”. Released on April 25 2015, Repressions can be purchased online at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and the Black Madonna press website.

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